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Welcome to The Asian Dating HQ!

This website is your essential guide to finding your dream Asian bride.

First of all I’ll congratulate you on your interest in Asian women. Asian women are some of the most exotically beautiful creatures you will ever see.

And yet…

Yes, they’re women, and women from any country are COMPLICATED.

And also remember that Asian culture is BAFFLING to us Westerners.

Another issue on top of this is the LANGUAGE BARRIER.

Finally, finding an Asian wife is EXPENSIVE, STRESSFUL and HARD WORK.

Is it worth it?

On my quest to find my own Asian wife I’ve…

  • Gone on a date to a factory where I’ve had to pose as a buyer of goods.
  • Eaten baby Octopus, pigs ears, and what can only be described as a “basket of fried frog’s parts”.
  • Spent ridiculous amounts of money treating a Japanese lady to tea for two in a posh Tokyo department store.
  • Taken a train ride across rural China, where the most common brand of tractor is the Oxen.
  • Had a lunch date with a girl who I didn’t like, but I sure liked her chaperone…
  • Taken a trip down the River Yangtze on a dangerously overloaded pleasure craft.
  • Landed in a 747 at Hong Kong’s airport during Typhoon season.
  • Almost got arrested by Chinese police for accidentally walking into a military base.
  • Appeared to have been the only Western man in a city of one million Chinese.
  • Visited a Chinese home and seen for myself how good the average Chinese mom is at cooking.
  • Busted everyone’s myths about Asian women being dirt poor mail order brides by dating a millionaire.

Would I change my life again? Almost certainly not!

Asia - exotic travel destination, and also a great place to find a wife!

Asia – exotic travel destination, and also a great place to find a wife!

So what’s the message of this website? I guess I want to get a number of messages across:

  • Finding an Asian wife is difficult and expensive.
  • Women in Asia are *not* better than women from any other country.
  • Online dating is a hazardous place for the unwary.

On the other hand…

  • It’s not hard to find Asian women who are interested in you.
  • I’m shy, average looking and never work out. But I’ve had plenty of luck in Asia.
  • The Asian women I’ve dated have had such stunning hourglass figures, that fat Western women have de-friended me on Facebook!

So far I’ve dated 13 Asian women (14 if you include the chaperone). Only two have hated my guts. Well, those are good odds. The rest have all been really lovely in their own way.

How Can I Help You?

Good luck, and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, then feel free to use the comments boxes at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Thank u so much for the experience with asian women.I myself particularly have alonging to find my asian girl. I don’t have expenseful financial ability but, I do make 13.00an hour. I cant afford a website. What can a working man afford of my poor salary? Any suggestions?

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