40 Dating – Time for an Asian Partner?

Hi, I’m Brett and the other day I turned 40.

This is a young person’s world, and many people think your dating chances are over at 40.

Well that’s a load of crap!

It’s been my experience that dating gets better and easier once you hit your 40’s. And for a man things are especially juicy!

Since this is an Asian Dating themed website, I’ll focus in on the opportunities that Asian dating offers those interested in over 40 dating.

Asian Dating for Over 40’s Men

Well I have good news if you’re a 40 something guy who likes Asian girls. If you’ve got yellow fever (as some folk call it) then you can really live the dream of dating a real life Asian woman.

Western man/Asian woman is a popular interracial pairing. Why are there so many mixed couples like this? Because it’s a good match!

If you look after your body and know how to charm young women, then China is the perfect place to date the hottest Asian women imaginable!

If you look after your body, dress well and know how to charm women, then China is the perfect place to date the hottest young Asian women imaginable!

Men in their 40’s are probably in the best position possible to find an Asian wife. Asian women will date men much older than themselves. However, they will always prefer to marry a man who is 45 than one who is 55!

Hopefully if you’ve established a career or business then you’ll have the spare cash needed to find a wife from Asia. Sadly it is pretty expensive to find a wife from Asia – $10,000 is a good ball-park figure although you may get lucky and end up marrying the first girl you fly to Asia to meet in person.

Speaking of money, if you’ve been through a messy/expensive divorce and so have an ex-wife or children to support then make sure you do the math so you can afford to support them as well as your new Asian bride.

I’ll be honest and say that marriages to Asian brides don’t always work out. In pretty much all the cases I know of, it’s money that’s been the source of conflict within the relationship. And of course we’re talking lack of money here!

Men in their 40’s can also be quite ambitious about their choice of Asian bride.

If you want more children, then there’s nothing wrong with dating an Asian woman who’s aged between 28 and 38. You can go for a younger girl, but that’s a little more risky.

Thai and Philippines women are well known for wanting new lives as mail order brides. But to be honest if you’re in your 40’s and you like smart and sophisticated women then Japan and China are also great choices. China is awash with beautiful women, and Chinese brides are becoming immensely popular. I guess the little brown girls from Thailand and the Philippines will always win a Western man’s heart though.

Asian Dating for Over 40’s Women

Asian wives are tremendously popular, so what about Asian husbands?

Asian men are very family orientated, and children are hugely important in Asian culture

Asian men are very family orientated, and children are hugely important in Asian culture

I you’re a 40 something woman then Asia is also a pretty good place to find a smart and sophisticated man. So few women think about dating Asian men that you really have the Asian dating scene to yourself!

The best countries to find Asian husbands are Japan, South Korea and China. You can also add on Hong Kong and Singapore – these city states are awash with single professional Asian men.
Japanese men are arguably the best Asian men for Western women seeking husbands. On the downside the cultural barrier is significant as is the language.

China is awash with unmarried men but again there’s a major language and cultural barrier to cross here. The good news is that I have seen Western women with Chinese boyfriends/husbands in

China, so it is entirely possible to find a Chinese husband.

To find an Asian husband you need to stay away from the mail order bride themed sites and stick to sites where both men and women can register themselves. Good sites include:

As a Western woman, you’ll be gigantically popular on these sites if you make a profile on any of these. Just be careful as scammers are quite common on these sites, and they like to email sad stories to women in the hope that they’ll send off thousands of dollars to a man they’ve never met!

Dating in My 40’s – My Own Experiences

I guess the great thing about dating over 40 is that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to potential partners.

Travelling the world in search of beautiful women is easy to do when you're in your 40's

Travelling the world in search of beautiful women is easy to do when you're in your 40's

Obviously if you’re a guy who wants to marry and have kids then age is a big factor.

But if you’re marrying purely for love then your choices are endless. On the popular Chinese Love Links Asian personals site I’ve been contacted by Chinese women from age 19 to age 59!

As a 40 year old guy I think I could date pretty much any woman on that dating site!

As a man with a good job and my own apartment I do of course attract plenty of gold diggers. They’re pretty easy to spot. Usually they’re the fashionably dressed women. Women who’ve earned their own wealth are usually very modestly dressed.

Of course you might like the gold diggers. I must admit I have a strong attraction to the Asian fashion ladies. They’re great arm candy and if you can afford their shopping budgets then you’ll have a wife your friends will all envy! But this is part of the problem – these types of girls need to be watched to make sure they’re not playing you for a fool.

All in all I’ve really enjoyed my 40+ dating experience so far.

Does dating life begin at 40? Would you consider finding a partner from Asia? Leave your questions, comments or suggestions below.

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