7 Reasons Why I Only Want Asian Women For Marriage

I’ve been dating Asian women for over three years now. Most of my Western women friends think that’s a bit weird. Other guys sort of get it, especially if they prefer younger women.

But away from the fact that it’s not hard to find a much younger bride from Asia, what is it about Asian women that make them such great candidates for marriage?

I’ve thought long and hard, and these are the main seven factors that have drawn me in.


Take a look at the galleries on this website. These photos are mostly photos I’ve taken myself of the everyday women I’ve seen in Japan and China.

Both countries have very small levels of obesity. Women from both countries have very attractive figures, which they often maintain throughout life.

Asian women also dress to impress. I’m certainly proud of the way that Chinese women in particular dress. Many of the Chinese girls I’ve dated have earned less than $600 a month, but they have seriously impressed me with their clothing choices.

Of course it’s also well known that Western men find Asian women irresistible. Is it the silky long hair? The pale, flawless skin of China dolls? The gorgeous skin tone of the little brown girls from Thailand and the Philippines? There’s definitely something exotic about Asian women.


I can’t comment on the UK dating scene – I’ve never looked for a British wife.

But I do know that the local newspaper’s lonely hearts section isn’t exactly full of grade A wife material. On the whole women are either bubbly (overweight) or single moms (want you to pay to bring up someone else’s kids). And as for finding a much younger bride – well you can forget about that!


Why wouldn't you want an Asian girlfriend?

Why wouldn’t you want an Asian girlfriend?

Asian women are fun, especially when you first meet them.

But if you marry an Asian woman you’re also in for a lifetime of surprises. I’m constantly amazed at the new things I learn about Chinese culture, whether it’s 100 year old eggs, paper burning to appease the gods, or finding out that many Chinese women love watching blue movies (!).


Did I tell you how friendly the Asian girls were that I met? Japanese women are always very friendly, at least in public. Japanese wives are kind of hard to find though.

Chinese women have blown me away with how friendly they are towards me. While it’s taking me a long time to find The One, the ones who got away were on the whole absolutely delightful.

Go pluck up courage to visit a Chinese girl in China and I guarantee you’ll be absolutely blown away at how friendly she is towards you.

Tiger Moms

You’ll find that Asian women are both marriage orientated and family orientated. It’s rare to find an Asian woman who definitely doesn’t want to have kids.

And if you love kids yourself then an Asian wife is a brilliant choice of mom.

Naturally, your mixed babies will be exotically beautiful, regardless of what you or the mom look like.

What’s more, your Asian wife will spend all her time and effort on raising your kids. While it can be hard at times to live with a Tiger Mom, you’ll end up raising well behaved and well educated kids who will have their futures assured.


Look, I know that it’s rather old fashioned to want to find a wife who can cook. Since most men are pretty good at cooking these days, I guess it’s not so critical we find a woman who can cook us something delicious. Nonetheless, there’s something great about an Asian woman and her ability to cook delicious foods from her home country.

I read today that American obesity levels have more than doubled in most states since 1994! If more guys had Chinese wives, this problem would go away.

Retirement/Digital Nomad Lifestyles

Mail order brides are still popular. But guess what?

Increasing numbers of ordinary guys are choosing to make a new life for themselves overseas.

So why look for a mail order bride, when you can become a mail order husband and move to Asia?

Thanks to some global arbitrage, it’s easy to retire to Thailand or the Philippines and fund a much higher standard of retirement than you might receive in the USA or Canada.

And younger guys can take advantage of the Internet to live in Asia, date beautiful women, and generally have their cake and eat it. Whether you run a software business, a design business or just blog your way round Asia, there’s never been a better time to escape to a better life overseas.

If you’re interested in moving to Asia, then check out the Happier Abroad website and associated forum!

So that’s what I think about Asian women and why they’re such good marriage material. But what do YOU think? Why are Asian women so awesome? Add your suggestions below.

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