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Although most men seeking love in Asia are interested in Asian women, it’s worth remembering that there’s another option – Asian ladyboys.

First, here’s some ladyboy facts…

Ladyboys are quite a common sight in Asia - it's nice they can live and work openly there. Here's a Japanese ladyboy in a rather wonderful Cosplay outfit....

Ladyboys are quite a common sight in Asia – it’s nice they can live and work openly there. Here’s a Japanese ladyboy in a rather wonderful Cosplay outfit….

It’s reckoned that around 1% of the population of Thailand are transgender. So I make that around 695,000 transgender persons in this country.

Ladyboys aren’t just found in Thailand. Although Thai ladyboys are the most well known of the Asian transsexuals, there are many ladyboys in other Asian countries. Ladyboys are also fairly numerous in the Philippines and Malaysia.

Ladyboys come in all different shapes and sizes, and also have a wide range of physical attributes. Not all ladyboys have breasts. Some male to female transsexuals might opt for penis removal, although the ladyboy loving men tend to prefer those ladyboys who opt for both breasts and a penis.

So I was watching a Sky TV show about Ladyboys. This is a great TV show and I recommend anyone with an interest in ladyboys to look out for it. I don’t know if you can watch it online. It’s just called Ladyboys. It’s pretty family safe viewing – even my mom is a great fan of it.

Pattaya – Ladyboy Heaven

The show focuses on the ladyboys of Pattaya. This Thailand beach resort is arguably the best place on the planet for ladyboys.

Thai ladyboys - very sexy and often better looking than the local women!!!

Thai ladyboys – very sexy and often better looking than the local women!!!

I’d drank quite a few beers before I watched the show, so I’m somewhat hazy on the facts presented in the show. Like did they really say there were 2,000 bars in Pattaya or 20,000? Maybe it was 200,000. Never mind, it seems like you’re not gonna run out of bars for meeting ladyboys in.

The episode of the show I saw focused on two British guys who had chosen to have long term relationships with ladyboy girlfriends. I say girlfriends because these guys had both picked pretty good looking ladyboys to hang around with.

One guy was in the process of opening a bar with his girlfriend. This is an option if you want to move to Thailand to be with your ladyboy girlfriend, but you don’t quite have enough cash to retire with yet.

Of course it’s now easier these days to bring your ladyboy girlfriend back to your own country. Many countries now allow civil partnerships between two men or two women, and there’s no reason why they won’t allow you to “marry” your ladyboy girlfriend.

Lonely Ladyboys Seek Foreign Lovers

The TV show was also sad in places. Many ladyboys work in the sex industry. This isn’t so much out of need as out of choice – it’s easy money, especially for a young, good looking transsexual.

The problem here though is that ladyboys have a short shelf life, after which they find it hard to find clients and short term boyfriends. Thai men aren’t usually too interested in transsexuals either. Many turn to dating sites in order to find their foreign prince on white horse.

The good thing is that if you want to find a long term ladyboy partner then there’s a wealth of choice out there. Ladyboys want somebody to love, and if you can give them commitment, then they’ll give you a lot of love (and mind-blowing sex!) in return.

Ladyboy Kisses is the best ladyboy dating site around. The site contains profiles of over 10,000 Asian ladyboys. Many are from Thailand, but there are a lot more from the Philippines than you might think. This is no bad thing, as while Thai ladyboys are attractive, they don’t often speak or write much English.

By comparison, Filipino ladyboys usually speak or write reasonable English. You can certainly chat to them online with no problems. I run a free Asian dating site at Asian Love Connections, and all of our ladyboy members from the Philippines speak English.

If you’re interested in both ladyboys and Asian women, then you’ll find both on Asian Kisses. I counted over 500 ladyboys on Asian Kisses, plus countless women.

Don’t be shy about your interest in ladyboys either. Go to Pattaya and you’ll see hundreds, if not thousands of foreigners escorting ladyboys around town. Generally you’ll find that as you become more accepting of the idea finding ladyboys attractive, then you’ll become more open about it.

The guys in the film were right about the process being:

  • Looking at ladyboy porn (check out Hot Asian Women for some of this).Visiting Thailand.
  • Maybe having one night love (as my Chinese gf calls it) with a ladyboy they found in bar.
  • Going home and spending all the time thinking about ladyboys.
  • Joining a dating site like Ladyboy Kisses and looking for a longer term ladyboy lover.
  • Making increasing numbers of trips to the Land of Smiles, and maybe planning to move out there.

I tell you that the exotic creatures in Asia can take over your life. While I’m more interested in Chinese women, I’ve got to the stage when I’m about to quit my job and go live in Asia for a while. Well, you’ve got to live out your dreams…

Ladyboy Dating Probs

OK, so it’s not all plain sailing with ladyboy girlfriends…

Scammers affect all of us guys seeking love on Asian dating sites. I’ll warn you that ladyboys are amongst the worst of the scammers. However, they’re really just after money, and so after a month or so on a dating site you’ll learn to recognise the money lookers.

If you want a long term relationship with a ladyboy then stick to those who are in their late 20’s and above. By this time they know their time in the entertainment industry is drawing to a close, so they start to focus on their long term future.

As a guy who’s dated a load of Asian women, I’ll also point out the usual things about long term distance relationships being hard work, plus the expense of travelling to Asia etc. etc. Still, if you want to date some incredibly awesome people, then it’s absolutely worth the hassle!

So stop reading this, check out Ladyboy Kisses and see if an exotic and interesting ladyboy is who’s missing from your life!

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