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Looking for love online? Cupid Media own a number of dating sites under the LoveLinks brand.

The three LoveLinks dating sites are:

So what are the sites like, and who can benefit from these sites? Here’s more information about the LoveLinks group of dating sites.

All the LoveLinks dating sites are pretty much identical in terms of features and their look and feel. Each site appeals to a different set of men and women. Here’s a look at each site in turn.

Chinese LoveLinks

Love smart and sophisticated Asian women? Chat to them online using any of the LoveLinks group of lonely hearts sites!

Love smart and sophisticated Asian women? Chat to them online using any of the LoveLinks group of lonely hearts sites!

I really like Chinese LoveLinks – I’ve been a Platinum member for a year and I’ve actually met quite a few Chinese women with profiles on the site. I think this is one of the very the best sites for finding Asian brides online.

China has a vast population and the choice of woman on this site is simply staggering. There are also plenty of women from other countries. Hong Kong is well represented, although HK Cupid is a Cupid Media run site just for the Hong Kong dating scene.

Finding a Chinese wife is often complicated due to the fact that so few Chinese women speak any English. However, on this LoveLinks site you’ll find more English speaking women than on any other site. All of the women I’ve met through this site have spoken pretty good English. They’ve also been well educated (every girl has been University educated) and were pretty darned smart.

The best alternative to Chinese LoveLinks is China Love Match. The quality of lady on China Love Match is staggering, but there aren’t quite so many women to choose from.

Thai LoveLinks

I guess Thai LoveLinks and its sister site Filipino Cupid (formerly Filipina Heart) are the most Asian mail order bride type of dating site.

However, don’t just think that the women on Thai LoveLinks are poor and uneducated Thai women who speak no English. Cupid Media advertise their sites on the Internet throughout Asia, and they’ve been very effective in signing up millions of smart and sophisticated Asian women. I know, because I’ve dated them!

Thai LoveLinks has a huge choice of Thai men and women to choose from. Of course the site is especially popular with Western men seeking Thai brides.

By the way, Thai LoveLinks has a very similar sounding competitor site called Thai LoveLines. This is also a Thai dating site, and quite a good one at that. But it’s not Thai LoveLinks, and has no association with Thai LoveLinks!

Singapore LoveLinks

Singapore LoveLinks is aimed at the singles dating scene in Singapore. Singapore is one of the wealthiest cities in Asia, so it’s not exactly a place where you’d look for an Asian mail order bride. So this site is much more popular with young singles who live in Singapore or who have a personal connection to the city state.

Smart and sophisticated Chinese women are easy to find on the LoveLinks websites

Smart and sophisticated Chinese women are easy to find on the LoveLinks websites

There are plenty of ethnically Chinese men and women on Singapore LoveLinks. There are also a wide range of other nationalities as you might expect given Singapore’s role as a multi-cultural global city.

I think if you’re just interested in finding a Chinese bride from any country then Chinese LoveLinks is the better site to use. I counted 73 Singaporean women between the ages of 27 and 37 with active profiles when I searched for them on Chinese LoveLinks. That’s not a huge number, but if you add in all the Chinese women in Hong Kong and of course the People’s Republic then you’ll not run out of potential dates any time soon.

The downside to the LoveLinks sites is that they’re as popular with scammers as they are with good and honest people. Scammers are common on these sites, so you need to be careful who you chat to. Personally I’ve avoided a lot of the LoveLinks scams by blocking chat sessions and not replying to anyone outside my chosen age range. Of course I’m not stupid enough to send money to somebody I’ve met on the Internet – that’s the best way to avoid a nasty romance scam!

So if you’re interested in finding a Thai or Chinese bride, then Thai LoveLinks and Chinese LoveLinks are well worth joining. Both sites offer completely free membership if you just want to browse profiles. If you think a Thai or Chinese wife is what’s missing in your life then simply join for a month or two then you can chat to as many women as you can handle!

Singapore LoveLinks is worth a look if you’re living in Singapore and want to find some local people to hook up with.

What do you think of the LoveLinks dating sites? Have you started looking for an Asian partner? Leave your comments below.

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  1. The Thai Love Links website is the largest Internet dating website in Thailand and has the most profiles of Thai women than any other dating site in Thailand. Most of the girls on this site are looking for real relationships but due to it’s size it also attracts a lot of scammers and hookers looking for work. Thai Love Links still remains the best place to meet Thai girls .

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