Malaysian Cupid

Malaysian Cupid is another site operated by Australian based Cupid Media.

This site seems to be one of their more recent sites. I guess they’re trying to corner the global dating market in as many countries as they can.

Malaysian Cupid looks and feels like pretty much all their other stable of dating sites. These include the immensely popular Chinese Love Links and Filipino Cupid.

I’ve been a Platinum member of Japan Cupid and Chinese Love Links for a while now. I’ve met some fabulous quality women through these sites. The nice thing about them all is that they’ve attracted large numbers of members, and the search tools are top notch.

It’s quite hard to fault the Cupid sites. My major concern is that they don’t really do enough to keep scammers off their sites. Really they should try harder.

Malaysian Cupid Scammers

A word of warning – Malaysian online dating is VERY RISKY.

How do I know? Because I run an Asian dating site, so I know first hand of the hazards of Malaysian dating.

The biggest problem comes from scammers.

There’s a cell of romance scammers of African origin who are very active in Malaysia. They did get busted a while back, but I see no evidence that this has helped matters.

According to my site’s sophisticated anti-scammer algorithms, there’s a 99.98% chance that a member logging into my site from Malaysia is a scammer. Well I guess that’s an improvement on the 99.99% probability that a Senegalese visitor is a scammer.

Are there legit people on Malaysian dating sites? Possibly. But in order to find them you’re gonna have to really put a lot of effort into learning to recognise good people from the legions of romance scammers.

My site’s seen a lot of Malaysian scammers registering accounts and claiming to be American men. But they could just as easily be registering accounts as females. Either way, the photos they use are normally stolen from somewhere on the Internet.

Why Use Malaysian Cupid?

Malaysian women are known for their exotic good looks

Malaysian women are known for their exotic good looks

I’m not sure why you’d want to use Malaysian Cupid, especially if you weren’t actually living in Malaysia and wanted to find some dates in the local area.

For Asian ladies in general, it’s usually far better to use a dating site with ladies from a wider range of countries. Asian Dating is Cupid Media’s general Asian dating site – it looks pretty much identical to Malaysian Cupid.

Otherwise Blossoms is really cheap, and Asian Kisses is popular with Western European men seeking Asian brides.

As far as free dating sites go, my site Asian Love Connections won’t cost you a dime. Just bear in mind that there aren’t too many Malaysians on there as the scammer issue makes it difficult to justify operating in that country.

DateInAsia offers free Malaysian dating. I counted around 1000 Malaysian women with profiles on DateInAsia. This is a pretty good selection, but obviously numbers are a lot lower than the numbers of Pinay, Chinese or Thai women on there. There’s quite a diverse mix of ethnicity and religion on the site, so you should find someone, whatever your tastes for Malaysian women.

I should add that I found some of the Malaysian women on DateInAsia to be a little scary. This site is crazy at the best of times, so be incredibly careful who you chat to or give your personal details to!
If you’re just seeking an Asian wife or girlfriend in general, then you might be far better off seeking somebody from another Asian country.

It’s pretty darned easy to find a Filipina girlfriend. Chinese women are probably the more honest in Asia, and there are some fabulous Chinese women on a site like Chinese Love Links. Malaysian-Chinese women are probably the most suitable Malaysians for the majority of Western men, although you’ll find many more Chinese women in the People’s Republic itself.

As to Malaysian Cupid, we’re all interested in any reports (good or bad) about the site. Leave your comments below and it will help us find out if the site’s worth using.

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