Which Asian Country Has The Best Looking Women?

So which Asian country has the best looking women? I guess this is subjective and every man will give a different answer. But here’s what I think.

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Winner – Vietnam

I’m seeing increasing numbers of Vietnamese women on Asian dating sites, and you know, I like what I see. I’d say that looks wise they’re similar to Chinese women. Well this is understandable given the two countries share a border. The women seem a lot milder than the Chinese women though, so there’s much less chance of marrying a dragon lady. The ladies also seem to be better looking than Thais or Filipinas. Just my opinion of course, but I see other Western men are starting to take notice of Vietnamese women.

Vietnam is also a cheap place to visit in Asia, and it could be a good future retirement destination. Certainly if you’re a guy who likes a modest lifestyle and Asian food then you could probably live in Vietnam for many months on a few thousand dollars.

1st Runner up – China

China is full of extremely attractive girls, and it's not that difficult for a Western man to find a Chinese wife

China is full of extremely attractive girls, and it's not that difficult for a Western man to find a Chinese wife

I can easily say that China has more hot women per square kilometer than I’ve seen in any other country I’ve visited.

China’s vast population means there’s a pretty girl to be seen every few metres, whichever city you visit. But beyond the vast population, Chinese girls are hot for other reasons. This includes:

  • Chinese women tend to be taller than other Asian women.
  • Chinese women rarely smoke or drink alcohol.
  • Chinese women stay out of the sun as much as possible.
  • Chinese women don’t eat much in the way of sugary foods or drinks.
  • Chinese women often have lovely long black hair, and most men find this a highly desirable feature for a woman to have.
  • If there’s a major fault to Chinese women, is that their personalities can be quite fiery, and you need to be extraordinarily careful to avoid marrying a dragon lady.

2nd Runner Up – South Korea

Personally I think Korean women could well be the best looking in all of Asia. However, this is an Asian dating website, and many of my readers are men who are interested in finding out about how you go about finding an Asian wife.

Korean ladies are hot, but they’re also out of reach of the majority of us men. Sadly there’s no shortage of men in Korea, and Korean women are highly sought after in their own country! Korea is also a wealthy country, so if you want to find a wife from Korea then you need a lot more cash than you’d need for finding a Thai or Pinay bride.

Finally I’ve heard that Korean women are quite hard work – and as a man who has dated Japanese women I’m inclined to believe what I hear.

Also in the Running

Japanese and Korean women are often mega-hot, but it's not easy to find a model quality wife from either country

Japanese and Korean women are often mega-hot, but it's not easy to find a model quality wife from either country

I have to nominate Japan as having the best looking women in Asia. In my four trips to Japan I’ve seen some stunning women on show. The sad thing is that the chance of a Western man being able to marry a hot Japanese woman is pretty low. For one thing Japan is extremely expensive. For another Japanese women usually prefer to marry Japanese men. And many of the Japanese women on international dating sites are there because Japanese men don’t want to marry them (make of that what you will).

Many men like Thai and Filipina women. I don’t see the attraction myself. However, the AFA/LoveMe sites have some very hot Filipina girls on there. Whether they’d make good wives I don’t know, but due to the number of Filipinas compared to Western men who want to marry them you can set your standards VERY high in terms of how hot your prospective wife could be.

Thai women I’m not sure about either, but they have lovely smiles, and could probably make better wives than some of the toxic Chinese women I’ve chatted to on Chinese Love Links!

Indonesia is another overlooked country. This is a good bet if you’re an Australian man seeking an Asian bride, or you’re a Middle Eastern muslim man who wants a wife who is also a muslim. Otherwise, Indonesia is generally just too far away for many of us to make the number of visits to Asia required to find the best Asian wife for us.

So those are my thoughts on which Asian country has the best looking women. I think my closing observation will be that based on my visits to China and Japan, all Asian countries are awash with hot women. And it’s funny but the women you’ll see in these countries tend to be much, much hotter than the Asian women you’ll see in the USA, Canada or any Western country. Maybe pretty girls find it more difficult to get passports – who knows?

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