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Asian Kisses is another good Asian dating website where you can find Asian girls who are interested in chatting to Western men.

The girls on Asian Kisses are from a wide range of countries, so it’s a good dating site to use if you’re not completely decided on which country has the best Asian ladies for you.

Asian Kisses is completely free to join. If you want to contact the female members then you need to pay a subscription fee. The membership fee then allows you to chat to as many ladies as you want. As such the site offers potentially greater value than the sites where you have to pay to request a lady’s email address or pay to write her a letter.

On the downside, Asia Kisses and other sites like it are a bit of a “free for all”. This means anyone can sign up, and that includes scammers and girls who will chat for cash so to speak.
So it’s a good idea to be a little careful who you talk to on Asian Kisses. My tip is to avoid falling in love with anyone before you actually meet them in person. And remember that unless you’ve seen somebody on webcam or in person then they might not even exist.
Unique selling points of Asian Kisses are:

  • Members can upload a lot more photos than they can on other dating sites.
  • Members can show what priorities they have in their life and in their choice of future partner.
  • It’s possible to search for men, women and ladyboys.

You can see how much interest a member has had on the site, so it’s quite a good place to find women who have been sadly overlooked by other men. Take it from me – often these women are well worth chatting to and visiting on your next visit to Asia.

Asian Kisses Dating Site – Female Members

So where are the female members of AsianKisses from?

Asian Kisses has plenty of cute Chinese girls on it, although Chinese women are far more numerous on sites like China Love Match or Chinese Love Links

Asian Kisses has plenty of cute Chinese girls on it, although Chinese women are far more numerous on sites like China Love Match or Chinese Love Links

As you might expect, there are a lot of female members from the Philippines. I counted 9359 Filipinas between the ages of 18 and 30 on Asian Kisses. So it’s an especially great place to meet Asian girls from the Philippines. Thai girls in that age range numbered 635, 316 from China, 164 from Malaysia, 186 from Vietnam and 900 from Indonesia. So that’s a lot of ladies, although the non-Philippines women aren’t particularly numerous compared to the ladies on other Asian personals sites.

By the way, another unique feature of Asian Kisses is that it’s also a ladyboy dating site. As well as searching for men or women you can also search for ladyboys.

There are ladyboys from a wide range of Asian countries. I counted 502 ladyboys aged between 18 and 30 who were living in the Philippines, and 41 living in Thailand. There were also 16 Malaysian ladyboys.

If you’re really interested in meeting ladyboys in Asia, then there’s also a sister site of Asian Kisses called Ladyboy Kisses.

Other Options for Asian Online Dating

Which Asian dating website you use largely depends on whether you have a particular thing for Asian women from a specific country. Personally I like the country specific Cupid Media sites. I’ve been a Platinum member of both Japan Cupid and Chinese Love Links. It was hard to get much interest on Japan Cupid. Chinese Love Links was rather more successful and I met some great ladies through this site.

Visiting Asia in the near future? Sign up to Asian Kisses and arrange to meet some hot Asian babes while you're on your travels!

Visiting Asia in the near future? Sign up to Asian Kisses and arrange to meet some hot Asian babes while you’re on your travels!

Other country specific sites worth a look are Thai Love Links, Thai Love Lines, China Love Match, Vietnam Cupid, Korean Cupid and Singapore Love Links.

It’s worth mentioning as well that Asian Kisses has a number of sister sites for country specific Asian dating. These are Chinese Kisses, Thai Kisses and Filipino Kisses. These sites don’t have as many members as some of the Cupid sites, but this means you might actually get more interest in your profile!

Winston from Happier Abroad seems to rate Chinese Kisses quite highly.

Two other big sites with women from a wide range of Asian countries are and Cherry Blossoms. Cherry Blossoms has been around a long time and has a lot of female members, primarily from the Philippines. now has a gigantic number of female members. It’s a particularly good choice if you want to find women from some of the Asian countries with a lack of country specific dating sites.

So try if you’re interested in Indonesian, Cambodian or Malaysian women.

So Asian Kisses is worth a look, particularly if you can’t make up your mind as to which Asian country has the best women (not an easy decision by any means!). The site has an affordable monthly subscription, and it won’t rip you off like some of the other Asian dating sites that operate on a pay per contact basis.

I hope you enjoy your Asian dating experience as much as I have! If you have any comments about Asian Kisses or other Asian dating websites, then leave your thoughts below.

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