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Filipino Cupid is a popular Filipina dating site. The site was previously known as Filipina Heart, but the owners seem to have settled on calling it Filipino Cupid.

I haven’t used this site extensively, as I have a thing for Chinese girls. However, I have used Filipino Cupid’s sister site Chinese Love Links extensively. Filipino Cupid is pretty much identical to Chinese Love Links and all the other Cupid dating sites (including Thai Love Links, Japan Cupid and Vietnamese Cupid).

Main Features of Filipino Cupid

Huge Membership Base

This site claims to have over 1.5 million members. With a 2:1 female to male ratio, those are good odds if you’re a man seeking a wife!

As I write this there are 2746 members online. With such a large membership base, there’s no end of people to chat to.

On the downside, I know men grumble that many of the profiles are quite old. In general if a lady hasn’t signed into the site for 2-3 months then she’s probably already in a relationship, or isn’t seriously looking for a partner.

English Speakers!

A major problem with Asian women is that it can be harder to find good English speakers.

Filipino Cupid is a great place to meet cute and attractive Filipino women

Filipino Cupid is a great place to meet cute and attractive Filipino women

The Philippines arguably offers the best chance of finding an English speaking bride.

Don’t kid yourself though – many Filipino women don’t use English in everyday life, and their written language is pretty eccentric to say the least. With practice you might understand what this lady means:

im good values, godfairing and honest

I guess you don’t always need to read what they write though, usually all Filipinas are looking for this kind of thing:

seeking a good man.., and who accept who am I, respectful, honest,loyal,understanding,or mostly has a good attitude. also I am honestly looking for a partner or future life companion…someone I can trust and love me..i like a man who’s responsible and love me so much as how i love him.

If you’re also God fearing then so much the better, but if you’re loyal and honest then you’ll go a long way towards your dream of dating young and attractive Asian ladies.

Matchmaking Features

Fill out your profile and complete the My Matches section and you’ll get a good selection of ladies recommended to you each time you log into the site. These matches are well worth a look, even if some of the profiles can be a little old some times.

Still, Philippines Cupid is one of the very few dating sites that actually has some sort of matchmaking system – the others really rely on you searching for girls you want to talk to.

Search Facility

One great thing about Filipino Cupid is that the search engine is very sophisticated. You can search on age, location, height and weight. Well most dating sites allow you to do this.

Where FilipinoCupid differs is that there are many other search options. As well as searching for girls with a certain level of English, you can find girls who speak other languages such as French, German or Spanish.

You can also search (or avoid) smokers and drinkers, as well as look for ladies with certain jobs or income levels. One way of avoiding the scammers is to look for ladies with respectable jobs.

Problems With Filipino Cupid Scammers

I’ve got to warn you that despite this site being run by a reputable company, it does have a problem with scammers.

Here’s an email I got from a Mr P regarding Filipino Cupid:

I recently (3 weeks ago) joined Filipino Cupid.  I am getting “interest” sent all the time for me being 66.  I am seriously looking for a wife…

… [a colleague] married a Filipino woman 32 years his junior … suggested I use this site.  This is where he found his wife…

…I would say of the 40-50 women that I have corresponded with, only two did not ask me for money for something in the first or second chat session.  Almost all “promise” me if I send them the money, they will marry me.

Is this common for this site?  How can I “test” or whatever to see which ones are “real” and which ones are not?  I am serious about finding a wife, but I don’t want to fall for someone that really hasn’t fallen for me…

…Should I be changing over to Cherry Blossoms or do they have the same problem there?

My advice to Mr P (and anyone like him) is that:

  • There are scammers on all dating and chat sites, the best defence is to learn how to spot them.
  • The older you are the more likely you are to be targeted by scammers.
  • The bigger age difference you seek, the more likely you are to find a scam girl. I would recommend a 66 year old man should look for a woman in her 40’s. If you want fun with younger Asian girls, it’s far better to visit the Philippines on vacation, or to go and retire there (or to Thailand).

By the way, don’t think that the scammers on the site are just Filipinas. There are plenty of scam men on dating sites as well. I personally don’t know of any Filipinas who have been approached by scammers on Filipino Cupid. However, I do know two Chinese women who were contacted by scam men on Chinese Love Links. One man was a Middle Eastern man, the other man was a Nigerian black man pretending to be a white English man.

Well if you’re a woman using Filipina Cupid and you’ve talked to a bad man, or you know somebody else who talked to a scammer, then add your comments below.
A top tip I have if you’re a lady is to find some Western friends who can easily spot if you’re talking to a nice man or a scammer! I was able to help my Chinese friend because I recognised that the English man she was talking to wasn’t English at all – the background of the photo she showed me contained American trees!

Other Filipino Dating Sites

There are quite a number of other places of finding Filipinas on an oriental dating site:

  • DateInAsia is free for men and women to join. While free Asian dating seems a good idea, this site has a few problems. The search is basic so it’s hard to find people you’re interested in. Men using a free site don’t often get much interest shown in them, as there’s no way of making your profile stand out amongst the other free members. It’s easier on Filipino Cupid, as you can pay for a subscription and Gold and Platinum members become more visible on the site. Filipinas pay attention to these members, because anyone who pays to join a dating site is likely to be much more serious about finding a partner.
  • DateInAsia, Cherry Blossoms and AsianDating allow you to chat to cute girls from all over South East Asia

    DateInAsia, Cherry Blossoms and AsianDating allow you to chat to cute girls from all over South East Asia

    Filipino Kisses is a much smaller site than Filipino Cupid. My friend likes the Kisses sites and he found some nice ladies on them. I like the fact that you can see many photos of members, and not just the five photos that Filipino Cupid restricts members to. Another nice thing is that Filipino Kisses is properly set up for Filipino ladyboy dating – as well as searching for men and women you can also search for ladyboys.

  • Cherry Blossoms has been around for a long time and is tremendously popular with Filipino women seeking partners from the USA, Canada and other Western countries. While there are Asian women from a wide range of countries on this site, Filipinas are by far the most numerous.
  • Pure Filipina is one of the smaller Filipina dating sites.
  • Cebuanas is another smaller site. Despite the name, the girls aren’t just from Cebu, but are from all over the Philippines.

Finally one mistake I made when I wanted to find an Asian bride was to sign up to a site offering profiles from just one country. If I was starting my search now I would head for This site is operated by the same people as Filipino Cupid. However, on this site you’ll find Filipinas, Thais, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian and Cambodian women.

So whether you’re a Filipina seeking a Western husband, or a Western man interested in meeting Filipinas then Filipino Cupid is pretty much the best site there is. Sign up for free membership today, and see if you can be one of the many people to have found a life partner on this immensely popular dating and chat site.

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