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IndoCupid, or to give it its full name of Indonesian Cupid, is an Asian dating site aimed at the Indonesian dating scene.

Indonesia is often a very overlooked country. Men seeking Asian brides tend to head for Thailand or the Philippines. Yet Indonesia is a far larger country than either of these nations. The Indonesian economy is also the largest in South East Asia, and Indonesia is a member of the G20 group of wealthy nations.

What does this have with dating Asian women? Well you’ll find that if a country is more economically advanced, then it’s easier to find professional and well educated ladies. Often they’ll speak a good standard of English, so you want need a translator or to worry about learning another language.

Another good thing is that ladies from more economically successful backgrounds tend to be less interested for marrying exclusively for money. If you want to marry an oriental woman who genuinely loves you, then it’s usually a good idea to find one who isn’t from a very poor family.

So what’s IndoCupid like?

IndoCupid is run by Cupid Media, who run an extensive network of Asian personals sites. The sites are immensely popular, with something like 20 million members across the globe. IndoCupid and the other Cupid personals sites have a number of advantages:

  • They’re totally free to join. Just register for free and you can browse the other members’ profiles and see if the site is for you.
  • Once you’ve paid a subscription fee you can make contact with as many other members as you like. This makes the site a lot cheaper than the pay-per-contact services like Chnlove, Foreign Ladies and Asian Beauties.
  • The search engine is really comprehensive and you can search for Indonesian women by geographical location and proximity to the major cities. For a nation with something like 17,500 different islands, you’ll appreciate this!
  • The site offers basic matchmaking, so you don’t always have to search for members to chat to – you can just see a list of suggested matches.
  • The site is available in English, and also Bahasa Indonesia, the major language spoken in Indonesia. This encourages non-English speaking women to sign up to the site.

On the downside, IndoCupid and the other Cupid sites are very popular with scammers. Thankfully most are easy to spot. The sites with Thai and Filipino women on them are the most popular scammer targets, but you need to be careful chatting to Indonesian girls as well.

By the way, you can find Indonesian ladies on other sites as well. Asian Dating is popular with Indonesians, and you’ll also find a few on Asian Kisses. I did a search on Asian Kisses and I found 810 Indonesian women between the ages of 18 and 30. So if you know where to look then it’s not too hard to find Indonesian girls seeking foreign husbands.

Issues with Dating Indonesian Girls

There are a few issues with dating Indonesian girls that you need to be aware of.

Firstly, Indonesia is a vast country and much of it is remote and difficult to travel to. Don’t fall in love with a girl then find it takes 3 plane journeys and a 12 hour boat trip in order to meet her! You’re probably better off sticking to women who live in the capital Jakarta or on the tropical island of Bali.

Remember that there is a threat of terrorism or natural disaster in some parts of Indonesia. Consult your government’s travel advice before booking a trip to any part of the country.

Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country. Before falling in love with an Indonesian girl, make sure her parents will allow you to marry her! Thankfully IndoCupid allows you to search on religion. Generally speaking it’s easy to tell if a girl is from a stricter family as her photos will be very conservative and she may be photographed wearing a head scarf. However, remember that 15% of Indonesians aren’t Muslim, and this is the 4th most populated country in the world, so you’ll find plenty of non-Muslims on IndoCupid.

Chinese girls are hot, but Indonesian girls are often hotter!

Chinese girls are hot, but Indonesian girls are often hotter!

Unless you’re Australian then Indonesia is often a long plane journey away, so it can be expensive to find an Indonesian wife.

On the upside, Indonesian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. Thanks to a fairly conservative culture they’re also far less well known than Thai or Filipino women. I did chat to an Indonesian woman myself. However, she was working in China and sadly she seemed to inherit the Chinese trait of being snappy and jealous about me meeting other ladies. I never did meet her in person, which was a shame because she was exotically beautiul and a lot more curvy than the stick thin women you see so often in China.

So my Indonesian dating adventure was over before it started really, but take a look at IndoCupid and see if you can start your own search for an exotically beautiful Indonesian bride.

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