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JapanCupid is a dating site aimed at the Japanese singles scene. Since the site is available in English it attracts members from all over the world, and not just Japan.

JapanCupid is operated by Cupid Media, who run a large number of other Asian dating websites. The company is 100% legitimate, so don’t worry about signing up to the site or using your credit card to pay for membership.

Here’s my mini-review of JapanCupid, together with the strengths and weaknesses of the site. This Japan Cupid review is based on my own experiences of using the site to look for a Japanese wife.

Like most other dating sites, you can sign up to JapanCupid free of charge. If you’ve joined for free then you can only contact the paid members of the site. While there are quite a few Japanese ladies on the site with a paid subscription, I’d guess that only around 10% have a subscription. So needless to say, if you want to contact the widest range of ladies on the site then you’ll need to take out a subscription.

It's easy to see why so many Western guys like the idea of finding a cute Japanese girlfriend

It's easy to see why so many Western guys like the idea of finding a cute Japanese girlfriend

There are two subscription levels – Gold and Platinum. I couldn’t see much difference between them but Platinum was only a few dollars more so I went for that.

If you have the money then I can recommend taking out an annual membership – this offers a big cost saving over paying monthly or quarterly. It also means you’re less likely to want to rush into finding an Asian wife, and taking your time is highly recommended.

Once you’ve joined the site you can set up your profile and get searching for members you like the look of. The site is slick and professional, and it’s streets ahead of competitors like DateInAsia, Cherry Blossoms, Asian Kisses or Asia Love Match. Where the Cupid sites also score highly is in the quality of their members. There are some very eligible single ladies on all of their sites, especially on JapanCupid.

Some things aren’t so good. The photos members upload are quite small, and members can’t upload as many photos as they can on a site like Asian Kisses. I also find their sites get pretty slow at times.

Scammers – now this is a problem that plagues the Cupid dating sites, as well as pretty much all the other Asian dating sites. Look out for scammers on JapanCupid, and take the site’s advice of not sending money to anyone you meet through the site. There are plenty of genuine profiles on there though.

My JapanCupid Fail

My Japanese dating experience was a rude awakening really. I found it quite hard to find anyone who was interested in me on this site. By contrast, on its sister site Chinese Cupid I get 2-3 emails a day, and an avalanche of interest on Filipino Cupid or Thai Love Links.

So where did I go wrong. Here’s what I’ve learnt from my quest to find a Japanese wife or girlfriend:

  • If you’re not American (and I’m not) then Japanese women won’t be quite so interested in you.
  • It’s pretty hard to find a much younger Japanese wife – most Japanese women will only marry a guy 2-3 years older than themselves.
  • Japanese women don’t like the fact that I don’t live in Japan. Japanese people tend to be somewhat reluctant to live in a country that isn’t Japan.
  • I get the feeling that Japanese women prefer Japanese husbands, and finding a Western husband is very much a last resort. These ladies are dangerous, because they’re often marrying out of peer pressure or pressure from their parents. It’s far better to choose a wife who actually wants a husband for herself.
  • I’ve heard from other guys who have had more success than I have that Japanese women really like to be chased. You really have to put in a lot of effort to woo them, and win their hearts. So if you make the effort, you could be rewarded. Personally I tired of the chase, and while I like ladies who play a little hard to get, I got the impression that they weren’t really that interested in me.
The path to finding a Japanese wife is long and hard

The path to finding a Japanese wife is often long and hard

Funnily enough, I did go on to meet some Japanese ladies but after all the effort that entailed I found I didn’t really like them anyway. If I can offer another shred of advise is that if you want a partner from another country then make sure you meet a few people from that country first! At the very least you should take a trip to Japan (as I did), but maybe it’s also a good idea to find some Japanese pen pals as well.

What else did I learn about JapanCupid? To be honest I didn’t see much evidence of scammers on the site. Many dating site scammers are from Africa or the Middle East, and pretending to be Japanese girls is one step too far for these guys. It’s pretty easy to spot the genuine Japanese girls on JapanCupid. One other word of advice – I would avoid any member on the site who doesn’t have a photo in their profile. Sure, Japanese girls are shy and they don’t always want their photos to be plastered all over a singles site. But I’ll tell you that in my experience of using the various Cupid Asian dating sites, the members without photos have caused me suspicion more than anything else.

Alternatives to JapanCupid

Finding single Japanese ladies in this sprawling metropolis isn't as easy as you might think

Finding single Japanese ladies in this sprawling metropolis isn't as easy as you might think..

In all honesty if you want to find a Japanese wife then you need to spend a year or two in Japan. There you can find plenty of ways of meeting single Japanese ladies.

If you can’t live in Japan, then there are a few other Asian dating resources you could look at. There’s a Japanese Friend Finder. The Friend Finder sites are pretty popular, so you might have more luck there. There are also marriage agency type businesses that help Western men seek Japanese wives. Two that come to mind are MeetJapanLady and the Transpacific Marriage Agency (TMA). MeetJapanLady is well run, but there aren’t huge numbers of ladies to choose from. It also aims at the more professional/executive end of the singles market.

TMA is worth a look although I found their paper based processes reminiscent of how mail order bride agencies worked in the days before the internet.

Incidentally, if you do enough searching then you’ll come across the same Japanese ladies on different dating sites and agencies.

One other top tip – if your budget is limited or you’re getting nowhere with Japanese ladies, then try China instead. It’s much easier to find a Chinese girlfriend, and there are some very nice educated and professional single Chinese ladies on sites like Chinese Cupid.

JapanCupid – Good or Not?

What do YOU think of JapanCupid? Have you had any luck on this site? Have you found good ladies or only scammers? I’d be honored if you could leave your comments below, and let us know what JapanCupid is really like!

4 Responses to “JapanCupid – Date Japanese Singles Online”

  1. Well, I haven’t had any luck yet. I only joind Japancupid about two weeks ago. I have had a lot of women interested in me and have talked to many japanese ladies. For the scammers on the site, well that is another story. I ran into an incident not long ago with this girl I had been talking to on japancupid. She gave me this address to another dating site. She insist that I go to GaGamatch because it has translation there and she would understand me better. So, little did I know that I was being roped in by a scammer. She claimed to be a clothing designer. As time passed by I asked her the name of the company she works for and no response from her. It was like she was ignoring me or she fell asleep. I was wondering to myself if I had made her mad or what I did wrong. All thoughts were running through my head at this point. It was like I had an alarm going off inside my head. So later that night I got thinking about what had happend. And decided to look up the site on Google search to see what kind of ratings it had. When I looked up GaGAmatch on Google search there wasn’t anything good about this site. There were red flags going off on just about every web page I pulled up. It said how scammers come from GaGamatch to other web sites and lure men to coming there. They use the excuse that they can’t understand the men, and going to GaGamatch will be better because there is translation there. Once they suck the men there they ask the men buy them flowers and gifts. And you pay ten times the amount then what the gifts are actually worth. When the men buy the women flowers or a gift, the women that are working for GaGamatch make a percentage from it. And let me tell you, you can’t tell who is in on it all either. Well, it all boils down to GaGamatch is a scam and the womem you meet are not real. Meeting the women in real life are slim to none. There is so much more to tell you but I’m stretched for time. My advice to you is go to google search and look it up because it will blow your mind.

    • Thanks for the report William. I’ve not had these types of contacts on Japan Cupid. But the old “let’s chat on another site” scam is something I’ve seen on Chinese Love Links. It happens on a lot of sites, so don’t fall for it.

      Other than that, I’ve found Japan Cupid less infested with scammers than other dating sites, mostly because it’s so easy to spot anyone pretending to be Japanese (and anyone who is Japanese is usually pretty honest anyway).

  2. I totally agree with Admin. Web Scam can be found on every dating site, but it is less on JapanCupid and alot more on Chinese Love Links. Base on the culture, liar or cheater is considered dishonest and crime in Japanese but to Chinese, it is an aspect of daily life and survival. Moreover,the poverty level in China makes its people trying to escape to oversea. This is the motivation behind all the tricks that men were hooked up to a marriage. Do you believe those marriages will last long?

  3. If. Sending. Fouls. Interest. And. Fouls. Mail. Is.pass the. Definition. Of. Scamming. Then. It’s . very. Common. With. The. Japan Cupid. Girls. Most. Recent. Two. Girls. Or. God. Knows. What. They. Really. “Are”. Has. Wellcomed. Me. In. Such. A. Mamnner. Within. Last. Two Weeks. I. Joined. The. Site

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