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Saigon Darlings is a Vietnamese dating site that’s worth a look if your main interest is in Asian girls from Vietnam.

So here’s a quick look at Saigon Darlings, and what it offers guys seeking Vietnamese women for marriage.

First of all this is a site aimed squarely at the mail order brides scene, so most of the users will be Western men seeking Asian women. The women on the site will be marriage minded rather than just looking to flirt and have short term relationships.

Like just about all dating sites, Saigon Darlings is free to join. You only need to pay for a subscription if you want to contact the ladies on the site.
As far as the membership fee goes, it’s not as cheap as the Cupid Media sites (Asian Dating, Vietnam Cupid, Chinese Love Links) and it’s much more expensive than the budget Asian dating options like Cherry Blossoms.

So I guess it all comes down to why you would want to pay for a site that is more expensive and has less features than many of its competitors.

Vietnam and the Southern Provinces of China are awash with absolutely stunning girls

Vietnam and the Southern Provinces of China are awash with absolutely stunning girls

In its favor Saigon Darlings does have a good selection of Vietnamese women on the site. And despite the name they’re not just from Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh city to give it it’s proper name these days).

Vietnamese girls could well be the hottest in all of Asia. I’ve dated a number of Chinese women, but I really have to ask myself whether I should be looking over the border in Vietnam.

One thing I’ve noticed about the women on Saigon Darlings is that quite a number of them have posted airbrushed and studio portraits of themselves. So don’t be taken for a ride with these! If you’re interested in one of the Saigon Darlings then make sure you insist on her sending you natural photos of her before you fall too deeply in love with a photo.

Another top tip is to insist on seeing her on webcam. The webcam is not flattering, but I know from experience of the Chinese girls I’ve met in that if they look attractive on webcam, then you’ll love them in real life.

As to the kinds of ladies you should choose to chat to on Saigon Darlings:

  • Try to find women who are not more than 20 years your junior. Halve your age then add 9 years, and this is the youngest Vietnamese girl you should date.
  • Girls under the age of 25 are far more likely to be scammers.
  • Try to find a girl who posts natural photos of herself.
  • Girls who post a lot of photos are more likely to be very outgoing and often show narcissistic characteristics. By contrast, girls who only post a single photo might be quite shy or they might not be serious about finding a foreign husband. Try to choose a sensible compromise between the two types of lady.
  • A few sites have given poor reviews of Saigon Darlings, with a few people mentioning large numbers of scam profiles on there. As always it’s best to not trust anyone you meet on a dating site, and obviously never send money to anyone you meet online. Scammers are usually after money, so they’ll lose interest in you if you don’t send money to them.

One other type of lady to avoid is one who wants you to chat on another dating site. Pay per letter sites love adding their members to sites like Saigon Darlings because they’ll try and lure you over to the other site, where you could pay $5 or more each time you email the girl. Sure, the fee usually includes translating your letter into Vietnamese (and the lady’s response back into English). But there are plenty of English speakers on Saigon Darlings, so if the language barrier is an issue for you just search for Viet girls who speak English.

Alternatives to Saigon Darlings

About the only other major Vietnamese dating site is Vietnam Cupid (sometimes called Vietnamese Cupid). This site is operated by Cupid Media, a major player in the international dating and long distance relationships scene.

Both China and Vietnam are great places for Western guys to meet beautiful and feminine women

Both China and Vietnam are great places for Western guys to meet beautiful and feminine women

Vietnam Cupid is a slick and polished dating site. It’s quick and easy to sign up to. You only need to pay for a subscription if you want to contact the other members. There are huge numbers of Viet girls on this site, and you’ll really be overwhelmed with hot Asian women you’ll want to chat to here.

If you’re not sure you want a Vietnamese wife then one other tip I have is to sign up to a site with women from a wider range of Asian countries on it. Good sites worth a look include:

  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Asian Dating (formerly Asian Euro)
  • Asia Love Match
  • DateInAsia

One other site for Vietnamese girls is iDateAsia. This is operated by the QPid group, who also run the Chnlove and ChineseWomenDate popular Chinese dating sites.

One nice thing about iDateAsia is that there’s a built in translation service for allowing you to write letters to Vietnamese women who speak no English. This is really useful, but you’ll pay a lot of money on a site like this compared to what you will pay for membership of Saigon Darlings or Vietnamese Cupid.

So Saigon Darlings is worth a look, particularly if you’re only interested in women from Vietnam. But if you want to chat to Chinese, Thai or Filipino women as well then is arguably the best site around.

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  1. are you affiliated with saigon darlings??

  2. I notice a large amount of replies initially but they are never online and never contact my private email. I think this site is a scam.
    saigon darlings is a scam, they got me

    • I agree to an extent. Its not that they dont contact you by your pri email its that saigondarlings messes with your mail. Removing stuff from it and delivering it late to very late.
      This is alot of horseshit.

  3. Hi Doug,

    No I’m not affiliated to Saigon Darlings. I do run a dating site, but it’s called and it’s absolutely free!

  4. Saigondarlings is a complete scam. You register then you start getting messages from very attractive and very good English writers. I had 3 messages within three days, even though I never had a picture, the idea is that you pay money to read these emails that are just scams.The company is based in the Phillipines, nothing more needs to be said.

  5. Haha I feel your pain buddy. You got 3 I got 15 by the end of my first day.

  6. They got me too. A scam.

  7. Cupid media is a scam too. I went on their affiliate sites. Got a whole bunch of hotties writing me love letters which I painstakingly took the time to reply. Then I did google image search on these characters, and found out that they concur with other users who got scammed.

  8. tôi muốn làm quen với một người đàn ông mĩ

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