How to Find a Filipino Lesbian

You might not know it, but there are gay and lesbian people in every country. Sometimes they’ve obvious, other times less so.

So I reckon my gaydar works pretty well, and I can pretty much suss out whether a Western person is gay or straight. Gay men and lesbian women are pretty easy to identify.

The other day I asked my Chinese girlfriend if there were many gay Chinese men. Not many she reckoned. Yeah, right.

So that also got me thinking – how easy is it to find lesbian women in a Catholic country like the Philippines? I decided to have a look. Why should we men have all the fun dating cute Filipinas? Can women who like other women get a mail order bride from the Philippines as well?

As I don’t live in the Philippines, I (like most people) have to use online dating to find Filipinas to chat to online.

First stop, DateInAsia. This is a tremendously popular dating site in the Philippines, not least because it’s free.


On DateInAsia you can only search for men or women. You can’t specify whether you want to meet gay men or gay women. Maybe there are Asian lesbians on DateInAsia, but I’m not sure how you’d search for them. This also puzzled me when I wanted to see if there were any Thai or Pinoy ladyboys on there.

So onto the world’s favorite #1 Filipino dating site – Filipino Cupid. Sometimes called by its older name of Filipina Heart, this site claims to have over 1.5 million members.

Unlike DateInAsia, on Filipino Cupid you can specify that you want to search for men or women. If you’re a woman seeking women then theoretically it should show up girls looking for a sapphic relationship. But the site doesn’t really advertise itself as a destination for Asian lesbian dating.

Lesbians do pop up from time to time, but the majority of ladies on Asian dating sites are looking for men

Lesbians do pop up from time to time, but the majority of ladies on Asian dating sites are looking for men

Sadly not all of the women have specified that they’re just looking for either men or women. You can assume that if they’ve left that field blank then they’re really after a man.

The good news is that some of the women really are seeking women. As a search for women interested in women turned up over 1000 search results, you’ll need to do some serious looking through the pages of search results. I reckon less than 5% of the search results I got were actual lesbians. One good thing is that your gaydar should be able to root out those girls who really are lesbians. I have to say that I spotted quite a few of the lesbians myself – not bad for a straight guy. If your gaydar is confused about a particular Filipina, then a big clue is if she writes in her profile that she’s looking for a lesbian relationship!

So if you’re interested in finding a Filipino lesbian for a relationship then Filipino Cupid seems like the best place to look. Yes, it’s a subscription site, but you only need to pay if you want to contact one of the other members (and you can contact them if they themselves have taken out a Gold or Platinum subscription).

Otherwise there are plenty of sapphic dating sites out there, but if you’re looking for a Filipina then make sure it has a good membership base and allows you to search by country and/or nationality.

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