Photos of Mature Chinese Women

Here’s a selection of some of the hot mature Chinese women I’ve seen in China.

I’m fortunate to have travelled all over the world, and I’ve taken the opportunity to have a good look at the women in these countries.

Of all the countries I’ve visited, I’m pretty sure that China has the best looking women. And coincidentally, it also has the best looking mature women. Trust me, the place is awash with Tiger moms, Asian milfs and even gilfs. Don’t believe me? Here’s some photographic evidence.

There’s another great advantage of older Chinese women – it’s not too difficult to find one who would be interested in dating you!

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Finding Your Own Mature Chinese Woman

Mature Chinese women aren’t too difficult to find. China has a truly staggering population – I know, because they’ve often been travelling on the same metro train as I have!

If you sign up to a Chinese dating site then you’ll have no problem meeting women who look like this:

Two mature Chinese women

That woman on the left has lovely curly hair. I once dated a Japanese girl with curly hair like hers, and I fell in love in an instant!

Mature Chinese women usually have the loveliest hair you can imagine. Frequently it’s long and very thick. Sometimes it’s straight, sometimes it goes curly (especially in the humid cities like Chongqing or Guangzhou). On the downside, well if you marry one of these lovelies then you’ll probably be finding long black hairs all over the house.

For me a highlight of Chinese mature ladies is their silky thick and long hair

Also you’ll notice that both women have great legs. I don’t think I’ve seen many Chinese women with bad legs. In some ways, it’s great that so few Chinese women have cars – instead they have to walk everywhere and keep those legs in tip top condition. In fact, a lot of Chinese neighborhoods also have exercise equipment designed so that older folk can keep in good health. I only wish the USA would do the same thing!

Chinese women have famously great legs

In all honesty China isn’t the best Asian country if you’re an ass man. Bigger butts can be found in countries like the Philippines. But Chinese women have soft and smooth asses, even if they do appear a bit boy-like.

Some Chinese women have incredible asses!

As to clothes, don’t worry if you like well dressed women. Chinese women do on the whole dress a lot better than your average Western woman.

Chinese women often dress quite sexily, and older Chinese women are no exception. Thankfully they often have the legs and ass to pull off an outfit of satin hotpants and great pair of legs…

Mature Chinese women sometimes wear hotpants, and they usually can get away with itFor the best dressed women in China, it’s better to date office ladies and other professionals. The good thing is that they’ll go out and work, instead of lazing around at home watching American Idol!

Chinese women usually have the most beautiful legsYou’ll have to use your imagination when I tell you that as well as looking great, Chinese women have the softest smoothest legs you’ll ever feel. Many Chinese women don’t even need to shave their legs – they come naturally smooth!

So looks are of course important, but Chinese women are more than just a great pair of legs. Chinese women tend to be fairly well educated, and often more intelligent than women from countries like Thailand and the Philippines. It’s not too hard to find smart women like this lady below:

China is also awash with intelligent mature womenI’ll warn you that these women can be pretty formidable – and you want to be wary of dragon ladies! Of course if you like a lady to be dominant in a relationship, then China is going to be perfect for you. Shanghai is home to the fiercest of the dragon ladies, but if you want more submissive type women then the Cantonese women from the South of the country are a better match for you.

Age Difference and Older Chinese Women

Asian women aren’t too worried about dating older men. In fact they usually prefer a man who is older than they are.

Based on my own experiences of dating Chinese women, and the experiences of men I know who have Chinese brides, there’s a simple formula for success…

Simply halve your age, and add seven years. That figure is the age of the youngest Chinese woman you can date. If you’re interested in Asian women from other Asian countries like Thailand and the Philippines, then you can go a little younger. But this formula works magically well for Chinese women.

So if you’re 60 then you can easily get away with dating a 37 year old. And if you’re 70 then it’s not impossible to find 42 year old women who will be interested in you.

How old is the woman below?

Sexy Chinese mature woman waiting for a busI guess she’s in her mid-30’s, but you wouldn’t know it! There aren’t too many older women in the USA who have perfect pins like these! If you’re a man in your 50’s or 60’s then there’s every chance that you’ll be able to date a Chinese woman who looks as hot as that.

The good thing as well is that if you only chat to the older Chinese women on dating sites, then they’ll generally get much less interest shown in them. I’d guess that for every year a woman is over the age of 28, she gets 5% less interest shown in her profile. Believe me when I say that the over 35’s really do struggle to find dates – Chinese men think they’re ancient, and the majority of Western men are interested in the 25-33 age range.

Problems With Mature Chinese Women

Ah, the problems!

The Chinese spoken and written languages are very different to English!

The Chinese spoken and written languages are very different to English!

Let’s be realistic here, it’s hard to find a Chinese wife.

Older Chinese women tend not to speak English so much. English is now taught in most Chinese schools, but that wasn’t the case before 1990.

Dating sites like Chnlove and Asian Beauties have human translators that allow you to send and receive letters to Chinese women who speak no English. These can be expensive, but they are convenient.

Sign up to a site like Chinese Love Links and you’ll find a few English speakers. Failing that it’s not too hard to learn some basic Mandarin Chinese. And as an older guy you can often get by meeting in person by just studying her body language. Many Chinese women also have pocket computers that can be used to translate Chinese into English – you can buy these in China for around $200+. Mobile phones also have a range of language tools available these days.

Modern China is an exciting place to vist or to retire to - this is Guangzhou in Guangdong Province

Modern China is an exciting place to vist or to retire to - this is Guangzhou in Guangdong Province

What else? Well Chinese women often marry for money. Money is gigantically important in China, and the more money you have, the hotter the woman you’re assumed to be able to date – simple as that.

The cultural differences are also immense. Generally speaking, older women aren’t as Westernised as their daughters, and you’ll have a mountain to climb if you want to understand Chinese women. The good thing though is that Asian women aren’t generally quite so individualistic as Western women are, so once you’ve chatted to a few Chinese women you’ll soon get the hang of multi-cultural dating.

Chinese women are quite happy to move where their husband lives. But if you’re prepared to live in China, or even retire there, then you’ll have your pick of the available women. The best places to retire to in China are the Southern coastal Provinces (Guangxi, Guangdong and Fujian) near to Hong Kong. The cost of living here is pretty low, and the weather is great!

So if you’re an older single guy who wants to go beyond looking at photos of ladies online, then you might find that a real life Chinese woman is what’s missing from your life. While I haven’t yet found my dream Chinese wife, I’ve had some phenomenal adventures since I took up chatting to Chinese women online.

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