Spotting The Fake Men on Chinese Love Links and Other Dating Sites

On Asian dating websites it’s pretty common to see girls asking men for money. So you might be surprised to hear that it’s sometimes men asking the Asian ladies for money!

If you’re an Asian lady using a dating site like Chinese Love Links, Filipino Cupid, Thai Love Links or any other site, then please learn from what I write here! And if you’re a man, then remember these tricks because they’ll help you spot the lady scammers as well.

Here are the facts…

My Chinese friend signed up to Chinese Love Links last year, and she is looking for a Western husband. She’s a lovely girl, and I don’t want to see her hurt. Chinese Love Links is a popular Chinese dating site, and the site itself is legitimate.

So the other day she told me she had started chatting to a man from the UK. Naturally that interested me, because I’m also from the UK!

He seemed a nice man. In fact, all the scam men sound nice. But at the same time, he sounded a good match for her. He was 11 years older than her. He was divorced. She wanted a single guy, but I told her that divorced men generally made better husbands for Asian women.

Fake Photos

I started to get a little suspicious. So I asked her a few questions and got her to send me his photos. And this is how I worked out that he was a bad man:

  • He hid his Chinese Love Links profile. In fact, I found out later that he’d deleted his account. Look – if a man hides his profile then it often means he’s interested in one lady, and doesn’t want to talk to other ladies. But be rest assured that a man will never usually hide his profile unless he’s actually visited you in person. If a man deletes his profile, he’s usually covering his tracks.
  • The photos of him were a giveaway. He claimed to be living in the UK, but photo #1 had American trees in the background. Ha ha ha, I’m reminded of that old Monty Python comedy sketch about trees. The Larch. The Larch.
  • He also had American facial hair. Another clue.
  • Finally he was photographed wearing a t shirt that looked like an ice hockey shirt. We don’t really do ice hockey in the UK. Again, another small clue but they all add up.

In Africa On Business

Well then I did some more digging and it turned out he was in Africa on business and had booked a flight to Beijing. Ha ha ha, a big giveaway here. If you’re talking to a Western man and he claims to be in Africa on business, run a mile.

Now I hadn’t heard of the Abuja airport where the man’s ticket was from. But surprise surprise, this turns out to be the capital city of Nigeria. And Nigeria is the romance scam capital of the world.

I can only assume that an African man had stolen some photos of a USA man from Facebook or Google.

I must say at this point that the guy did send my friend a copy of his airline ticket. But this was just an e-ticket so it could easily have been faked up.

At this point I told my friend to verify the man was real by:

  • Making sure she chatted to him on webcam.
  • Ask him to send her a photo of his passport with the China visa in it (all Western men need a visa to visit China).

I don’t know whether she asked him this, but at this stage he had asked her for money, so the game was up.

Another clue is that if your English is good then you can recognise African scam men by the fact that their English isn’t at all like what a genuine English, American or Australian man would write.

Be observant as well. Get to know what men from different Western countries are like. As I wrote earlier, English and American men don’t look the same. Women are usually good at picking out the subtle differences.

All the Lonely People

I feel sorry for my friend. She is lonely and desparately wants to find a man. These types of women are very susceptible to scams. I’m so glad I was able to alert her before she sent him money or anything. I’m still sorry that she had already booked her plane ticket so she could go and meet him in Beijing.

So ladies – don’t assume all men on Asian dating sites are nice men. I’ve heard of many other ladies being approached by scammers like this. Often they have convincing photos of themselves and their children. They might tell you sad stories about how life is hard being a single parent. But please, always insist on a Skype or MSN webcam session so you can see that the man is real.

If you’ve seen scam men or women on dating sites and found a way to catch them out, then please add your comments below!

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  2. I didn’t like the fact that some of the men on ChineseLoveLinks have date 16, 25 women from single website. I t made me feel uncomfortable. I do not suggest this particular website, if you do, research them, and watch the noses turn up at you. I do not believe in prenuptial agreements, but this seems to be a good question to ask… can a relationship be tested miles away and culture adaptation. Follow your dreams.

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