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Russian women can do the sun parasol look just as well as any Asian girl can

How to Find a Russian Bride

Men who have divorced their wives are often very interested in second time around dating. Frequently they look into finding a bride from overseas. Russian brides are a popular choice. But how do you go about finding a Russian bride? The most popular way of finding a Russian bride is to turn to the internet. […]

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Beware of Expensive Russian Dating Sites

So I’ve taken time out to take a look at some Russian dating sites. There are plenty of dating sites where you can find Russian mail order brides online. In fact I’d guestimate there are more Russian mail order bride type dating sites than there are Asian mail order bride sites. There are a few […]

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Latin America is packed full of very beautiful women

Finding Love in the Caribbean

The Caribbean has a reputation as being a great place for a vacation. But did you know that increasing numbers of men and women are also finding love in the region? To cater for the increased interest in Caribbean dating, there’s a dating site aimed specifically at the region. It’s called Caribbean Cupid. The great […]

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Southern China, Thailand and the Philippines are all great places for seeking petite Asian girls

What is a Sensible Age Range for an Asian Wife?

If you sign up to an Asian dating site then you’ll probably get contacted by women of all ages. Personally I’ve had emails from 19 year old girls and 60 year old women. Personally I’m a bit fed up with the random emails from women way out of my age range, especially the would be […]

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Smart and sophisticated Chinese women are easy to find on the LoveLinks websites

3 Choices for Selecting an Oriental Girlfriend

If you want to find an Oriental bride then there are many options open to you. There are enormous amounts of Asian women seeking American husbands, and you’ll have plenty of ladies to chat to online. A big choice to make is which Asian nation to look for an Asian companion. The first choice is […]

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Russian women can do the sun parasol look just as well as any Asian girl can

Do I Need a Russian Mail Order Bride?

I’ve been looking for an Asian wife for a while now. Unlike most men who just consider the idea, I took the Massive Action required: I signed up for a full membership of a dating site (Chinese Love Links if you must know). I chatted to a few Chinese women. Man, are there some wackos […]

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Hong Kong is one of Asia's great cities, and it has a thriving singles dating scene

How and Where to Find Chinese Ladyboys

I know plenty of guys are interested in ladyboys. So what if you want to meet Chinese ladyboys? Do they exist, and where is a good place to meet them? The first stop for ladyboys if you’re interested in meeting them in real life is Ladyboy Kisses. Ladyboy Kisses is arguably the best ladyboy dating […]

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Two beautiful Asian girls

Who Are The Sexiest Asian Women Imaginable?

There’s a whole world of opportunity out there if you’re a single, unattached guy. Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of single Asian women who would love to date you? No matter your age, no matter what you look like or what country you’re from, it’s not too hard to […]

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Want a foreign wife? Is Russia the best place to find her, or are Asian women the best women on the planet?

Russian Wives – Better Than Asian Wives?

This is a website about Asian women. But there’s a whole world out there for the man seeking an exotic foreign bride. So I guess we need to consider whether Russian wives are any good, or whether Asia is the best place on the planet for finding a loving and devoted foreign wife. Men seeking […]

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Could you really find ultra cute Asian babes to chat to on a completely free dating site?

100% Free Asian Dating Sites

When I first started chatting to Asian women online, I used a site called Chnlove. Well suffice to say that I burned though something like $400 worth of credits in a couple of months of using that site. With hindsight, I wish I’d known about Asian free dating sites and how I could chat to […]

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