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Hong Kong is one of Asia's great cities, and it has a thriving singles dating scene

HK Cupid – Meet Hong Kong Singles Online

HK Cupid is a popular dating site for Hong Kong residents seeking partners online. The site is also known as Hong Kong Cupid. HK Cupid is managed by Cupid Media. This is a legitimate Australian based company. They run a lot of popular dating sites, including many of the hottest Asian dating websites. Other sites […]

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Two very attractive Chinese girls

What Dating Sites are Popular in China?

China has its own versions of popular dating sites. Many of these sites are quite difficult to use if you can’t read or write Chinese characters. One China dating site worth checking out is QQ Personals. QQ is a popular chat application used by millions of Chinese people. QQ was already a good place to […]

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Visit China and you'll be stunned at how many beautiful women there are

What Are Chinese Women from Changsha or Hunan Like?

Western men looking for Chinese brides often end up visiting ladies in Hunan Province of Central China. In particular, many men end up visiting the Hunan Province city of Changsha. Partly this is due to the Changsha Love Bridge Company being based there. This is one of the largest and most active marriage agencies in […]

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Visit China and you'll be stunned at how many beautiful women there are

Are Chinese Ladies Really Different to Western Ladies?

So I’ve been hard at work looking at ladies on Chinese Cupid. I’m visiting China soon, and want some prospective wives to visit. When you first sign up to a Chinese mail order brides type of website, you’ll be amazed at the quality of women. But are they really superior to the ladies back home? […]

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Want a beautiful and shapely wife? Go to China!

Chinese Love Link and One Happy American Dude!

A while ago I wrote an article about my search for a Chinese wife… Well I was pleased to find this comment from a guy who’d also been looking for a Chinese wife… Found my wife on Chinese Love Links [Chinese dating site], and this [article] is spot on with details. With the internet and […]

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It takes time to understand your Chinese girlfriend, but keep the relationship alive and you'll usually be well rewarded

Solving Typical Chinese Girlfriend Problems

Hi, I’m Brett and I’ve had a Chinese girlfriend on and off for the past three years. Once you get to know Chinese girls they’re actually not that hard to understand. I’ve seen the same problems occur time and time in relationships between Western guys and their Chinese girlfriends. Distance Relationships Well assuming your Chinese […]

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A typical fashionable Shanghai lady shopping on Nanjing East Road

Shanghai Girls – Are They Worth Dating?

So I’ve just got back from a ten day vacation in Shanghai. I thought I’d reflect on what I saw there, and whether it’s worth dating Shanghai girls. I’m writing from the perspective of a Western guy who is living in a Western country, but who wants a Chinese girlfriend. Actually, I’m lucky in that […]

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Asian mega-cities like Shanghai are full of single professional females who can struggle to find their man

Chinese Girlfriends – What’s the Story?

So I’ve just got back from a trip to Shanghai to spend Chinese New Year with my own Chinese girlfriend. Here are some thoughts on the time I spent with her and in Shanghai, plus how you can find your own sexy Chinese girlfriend! Chinese Girlfriends in Shanghai Wow, I have to mention that I […]

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If you look after your body and know how to charm young women, then China is the perfect place to date the hottest Asian women imaginable!

Dating a Chinese Girl – What to Expect

So you’re interested in dating Chinese girls? What can you expect from your first and second dates with a Chinese lady? Here’s what I’ve found from my dating experiences with around a dozen Chinese girls. Choosing Chinese Girls to Date Thankfully the world is awash with Chinese girls, whether you’re interested in mainlanders, Chinese girls […]

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A happy Chinese couple

Marrying a Chinese Woman

So assuming you’ve found the Chinese woman of your dreams, how do you marry her? You’ll generally find that Chinese relationships move quickly. If a Chinese girl starts a physical relationship with you, or you’re taken to meet her parents, then you can assume she has marriage in mind. If you’re a non-Chinese man with […]

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