What Are Chinese Women from Changsha or Hunan Like?

Western men looking for Chinese brides often end up visiting ladies in Hunan Province of Central China. In particular, many men end up visiting the Hunan Province city of Changsha. Partly this is due to the Changsha Love Bridge Company being based there. This is one of the largest and most active marriage agencies in China. It has fairly agressive sales tactics (if you can call that) in order to market its ladies on Chinese dating sites such as Chnlove. So many new members of Chnlove will end up infactuated by the beautiful girls from Changsha.

More than this though, having visited a city quite close to Changsha I’ll say that this area of China probably has the best looking ladies. They say it’s due to the mountains and the rivers.

Changsha’s economy is fast improving, and like the rest of China there are new high rise buildings springing up everywhere. Despite this, wages in central China remain far lower than the coastal cities such as Shanghai or Shenzhen. Consequently many people leave Changsha seeking their fortunes elsewhere.

Hunan ladies are very beautiful, we’ve already covered that. Central China tends to be a fairly conservative place. If you date a lady in her 20’s or 30’s then there’s a good chance that you’ll be her first serious boyfriend. Be seen with a Chinese lady by your side in Changsha, and as a Western man you’ll get a lot of stares in your direction. If you’re self conscious about this kind of thing, then stick to dating Chinese ladies from the more progressive cities such as Shanghai or Guangzhou.

Have you chatted to any Changsha or Hunan women on an Asian dating site? Like what you see? Leave any comments you have about Chinese women below.

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  1. Thanks for the reviews I see you have a few links online . I just registered on Chnlove.com see im being cautouse … I just picked 1 lady and looking to see here , good info Im thinking of A foeiegne afair they say they will pick you up and drop you off from the airport. the changsha love company do they offer that service. their site says to meet a lady at their office for 130.00 usa is that info corect or do they ask for more when arriving .. do you have a site with list of agencies in that area just in case I need .. thanks for the info abel

    • Hi abel,

      There are a few agencies in China, but who knows which are the good ones.

      I’m off to live in China myself in 2013 – send me an email and I’ll find you some ladies to meet!

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