What Dating Sites are Popular in China?

China has its own versions of popular dating sites. Many of these sites are quite difficult to use if you can’t read or write Chinese characters.

One China dating site worth checking out is QQ Personals. QQ is a popular chat application used by millions of Chinese people. QQ was already a good place to meet single Chinese ladies looking for husbands. But QQ Personals makes it easier to meet them.

If you’re a Western man looking to date a Chinese lady, then Chinese ladies like to use Chinese Love Links (CLL) and Cherry Blossoms. Chinese Love Links is available in Chinese, so Chinese ladies who don’t read or write much English can sign themselves up to the site.

Ladies without internet access or good computer skills have to use marriage agencies to help them find a husband. Many of these ladies end up on Chnlove. This site has over 10,000 Chinese lady profiles listed on it. However, the site is expensive as you need to pay every time you send or receive a letter from a Chinese lady.

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  1. To Singles Guys Everywhere.

    Before you go to a dating site that charges you money, may you consider these facts:
    1. There are lots of claims on the internet accusing some pay dating sites of fraud.
    2. Some of the fraud claims on the internet present convincing evidence that some pay sites contract with agencies who pay the girls to talk to the men.
    3. If you were a bottom feeder and you owned a pay dating site, how much money could you make if you hired agencies in Russia, China, and Vietnam to pay beautiful girls to talk to the members at your site?
    4. If the site has outstanding photo shoots where the girls have lots of completely, totally hot, professional photos, you might consider asking yourself the following question. If you were a bottom feeder and you owned a pay dating site, what would you do first to facilitate your scam?
    5. If you were a bottom feeder and you owned a pay dating site, how could you make the most money and prevent your assets from leaving your site?
    a. Could you threaten to terminate the girl’s employment if she tried to exchange personal contact information with a male member of your site?
    b. Could you pay employees to screen the emails and phone calls and DELETE ANY AND ALL WORDS of a male member that tried to exchange personal contact information so that they NEVER could exchange personal contact information with the girls?
    6. If you were a bottom feeder and you owned a pay dating site, how could you continue to operate if people posted fraud claims on the internet?
    a. Could you continue to get new members by claiming that the dating site was sensitive about its image and that any agency that was caught paying the girls would be terminated?
    b. Could you continue to get new members if you claimed that you had an anti-scam policy?
    7. If you were a bottom feeder and you owned an AGENCY that performed services for pay dating sites, how much money could you make if you bought hot outfits and makeup and advertised and got beautiful girls to come to your office. Then you could do amazing photo shoots and then tell the girls that you would call them. Of course, when the emails came in from the men at your dating site you could simply write the reply yourself and say you were Gloria in Brazil, or Olga in Russia, or Thai Kim in Vietnam, or Jingjing in China.

    If you still think that all of the pay dating sites are honest, then I think I have some moon rocks I can sell you.

    There are lots of free sites out there.

    You can also learn to write in almost any language and even those with characters if you download a free translator like Bing. It will have two boxes. In the first box you can enter the word in English. In the second box you can click the language you want and then click translate.
    So, the word “love” in Chinese is “爱”, in Spanish it is “amor”, in French it is “amour”, in Russian it is “любовь”, in Thai it is “ความรัก”, and in Vietnamese it is “Yêu”. So you can write to any girl even if their language is written in characters or, as the examples show, “accents” like Thai and Vietnamese or with letters entirely different than English like Russian. You then can simply right click and highlight the word and position the cursor on the highlighted word and click copy and open up a blank document and right click and click paste and paste the words into your letter. However, it is important to do a reverse translation of the word and the complete sentence. For example, if I was making fun with the woman and I said: “Is it true that you want to have 28 children?” In Chinese it might be more grammatically correct to say “真正的 28 你 想要 儿童?” which translates to be “Real 28 do you want children?” Hopefully, the translation of your sentences won’t be that different but I picked a difficult one to demonstrate that it is important to do a reverse translation with some languages and some sentences.

    Finally, if you insist on going to the pay sites, you can have a lot of fun. However, may you remember that you may really be talking to woman who is 40 years older than the girl in the pictures or even a man. While a typical girl at a free dating site may somehow cling to the argument that she does not have to reveal to you what her body looks like in her pictures or picture and she may stand twenty feet from the camera so you cannot even see what her face looks like, a girl at a pay site may have lots of hot professional pictures and she or he (the owner of the agency) will say anything to you. In fact, there is nothing they won’t say and they become experts at it. The following are real life examples: “Michael, lets play hockey! I’ll be the net and you can score!” or “Michael, do you have a strong kitchen table?” or “Wanna play with me now Michael?” or “If you don’t want to have kids with me, maybe we can just practice!” or how about this one; “Michael, lets play house. I’ll be the door and you can slam me all night long!”

    May you also remember that at some of the free sites it is important to take notice of how many times the girl has been viewed if they provide that information. Some sites interact with Facebook where the girl receives so many emails that she probably only answers five percent or less of them. That’s the reverse of what the men at some pay sites experience. The free site can get lots of American men for free at Facebook and they may only get a relatively small number of women in China. However, the reality is that the women and the population of just China alone vastly outnumber the single men in the United States and there are still all the women in Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Columbia, Brazil, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and we could go on an on here for a long time.

    I would like to add that there are lots of stunners in Russia with itsy bitsy tiny waists and hips that flare way out (my favorite thing). I know I’m shallow, you can say it! You can say whatever you want about me. Everybody else does! And, in China some of the China dolls do not have any wrinkles in their face at 45 years old. Can you imagine that, you could marry her when she is 18 and 25 years later she may still look like she is 20. May you, however, consider always, always, always being very, very, very nice to a beautiful Chinese woman because she may have a lot of chances to run away!

    Unfortunately, the women in some of these countries are sometimes difficult to be friends with because they have been abused by communist governments and widespread corruption and all kinds of injustice and you may have to demonstrate extraordinary patience, compassion, and understanding to get through to her. May you consider the example of the Ukraine. Some of these women are extraordinarily beautiful (Do you remember John Lennon telling the whole world that when he wrote: “the Ukraine girls really knock me out, they leave the west behind”). However, the encyclopedia tells us that their country has been invaded by neighboring countries for a thousand years. They have had to live under some exceptionally brutal communist leaders who still shoot down passenger jets and corruption is rampant in their country. Some of people say that the police only exist to take bribes. So, you may have to be extraordinarily understanding and extremely, unbelievably patient.

    Still, if you insist on going to pay sites, I think I can find some more moon rocks to sell to you!

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