Marrying a Chinese Woman

So assuming you’ve found the Chinese woman of your dreams, how do you marry her?

You’ll generally find that Chinese relationships move quickly. If a Chinese girl starts a physical relationship with you, or you’re taken to meet her parents, then you can assume she has marriage in mind.

If you’re a non-Chinese man with a Chinese fiance then the first decision is where to marry your girl. You can marry either in China, or in your own country.

Marrying a Chinese Woman in China

Marrying a Chinese woman in China is straightforward. Usually you’ll have to get married in her home city. Remember that this is the city her family is from, and not necessarily the city in which she is living and working.

Chinese ladies traditionally wore red for marriage, but white Western style dresses are now very popular

Chinese ladies traditionally wore red for marriage, but white Western style dresses are now very popular

Many Cantonese girls live in the city in which they grew up. By contrast, large numbers of women from Sichuan, Hubei and Hunan Provinces tend to seek work in larger cities thousands of miles from home.

Once you’ve found out where you can get married, then the ceremony itself is usually just a formality. You need to take the required paperwork to a local government office, then you’re officially married in China.

Paperwork requirements will vary so check BEFORE you travel to China. Usually you’ll need your passport, and some sort of certificate of no impediment from your own country’s government that will prove you’re not already married.

Since the official ceremony is quick and easy, there’s usually some sort of family celebration. This usually involves a restaurant meal for your new wife’s family and extended family. This can cost quite a bit, but it’s usually way cheaper than the equivalent banquet in your own country.

As far as wedding photos go, these are usually taken a few days before the official wedding ceremony itself. Chinese ladies love dressing up for these photo shoots. Thankfully dresses are usually hired not bought!

Marrying a Chinese Woman in Your Own Country

You can of course marry a Chinese woman in your own country. Once again, check the marriage regulations for your own country.

Chinese couples will arrange to get their official photos taken a few days before the actual marriage ceremony itself

Chinese couples will arrange to get their official photos taken a few days before the actual marriage ceremony itself

In general it’s not too difficult to get a fiance visa for a Chinese woman. She can then visit you in your country and stay for a specific period of time, usually six months.

The great thing about this is that you can live with her for a few months and check to see if she is suitable for you BEFORE you take the major step of getting married to her. Many Asian women have a long term game plan, but the longer you live with them the more trouble they have keeping up appearances so to speak.

Needless to say, it’s a big red flag if a Chinese lady won’t sleep with you before marriage. So think very carefully before getting a lady over on a fiance visa if she hasn’t started a physical relationship with you. At the end of the day you want a wife, not a platonic friend or gold digger who will live in your house and date other men!

One major consideration when marrying a woman in your own country is to make sure your financial assets are safe from gold diggers and other asset stripping women. Ideally you need to consider a prenup, especially if you’re fairly wealthy and there’s a significant age difference between you and your Chinese fiance.

Don’t forget that you can actually marry both in China and in your own country. This is a great way of pleasing both your and her family! Again if you have money then you might want to consider a prenup.

Are you considering finding a China bride? Do you think Chinese women make the best Asian brides for Western men? Leave your comments below!

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