Japanese Beauties

Here’s another installment of Japanese beauties photos.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world, but I don’t think I’ve been anywhere that’s had so many beautiful ladies as Japan.

Actually China’s also great for Asian Beauties, but Japanese girls often win out on account of the outrageous street fashions you can see in Tokyo and the other major cities. So here are some more beautiful Japanese girls for you to feast your eyes on. Also read on if you like the idea of finding your own Japanese girlfriend.

Sexy Anime Beauties

Of course Japan is home to Anime, Manga and a whole range of computer games with some fabulous characters. Many of these products are the inspiration for Cosplay outfits that Japanese girls sometimes wear in the streets. Many of these girls are used by businesses to promote their goods, but it’s not unknown for girls to go shopping dressed as their favorite Anime character.

Akihabara (Tokyo’s electronics district) is a great place to see beautiful Japanese women Cosplaying as various characters. Check out this sexy bunny girl I saw while crossing the street in Akihabara:

Sexy Japanese Cosplay girlThose sexy white boots, knee high white socks and sexy thighs are one of the best things I’ve seen in Japan! Well, maybe attractive nuns were another one of the best things ever seen in Japan:

Cute Japanese cosplay nunAnd it’s also great to see your favorite computer game female characters brought to life:

Anime girl wearing white thigh high stockings and a cute smile

I really do miss Japan. Where else can you see ultra-cute girls in fantasy costumes walking around in everyday life?

Cute Japanese Cosplay girlsJapanese Beautiful Street Ladies

One thing I noticed about Japan was that so many ladies dress really well. On the whole, Japanese ladies are very feminine. If you’re a fan of Japanese AV Movies then you’ll probably recognise the types of clothes that Japanese women like to wear. And of course if you actually go to Japan then you can have a great time spotting real life sexy office ladies (OL’s) that Japanese salarymen so often fantasise over.

Beautiful Shibuya girlsAnd Japanese women really do like to dress up, even to go shopping. These mules must be tough for walking in, but this Japanese girl is braving both the rain and sore ankles, all in the name of fashion…

Beautiful Japanese girl holding an umbrellaOn the whole, the best way to describe Japanese fashion is – cute. So women in their mid-20’s will wear their hair in bunches, or wear a lot of pink or wear those long socks that school girls often wear. I wish more USA women dressed like this, but then they’re far less likely to be able to pull it off.

Cute Japanese girls go shoppingIt’s great to visit Japan in either Spring or Autumn, because the sometimes chilly weather makes Japanese women put on those ever so sexy long socks…

More well dressed Japanese women

Find Your Own Japanese Beauty

Well you’ve seen the photos – but what if photos aren’t enough? What if you want to actually go one stage further and get a sexy Japanese wife of your own? Is it possible?

Well I’ve been there and done that. Or rather I’ve tried to do it. I’ve travelled to Japan and go on dates with Japanese ladies. I had a fantastic time dating some elegant and sophisticated ladies. We went for walks in parks, we ate unfamiliar Asian food. We went for afternoon tea in Shinjuku’s expensive department stores. I spent my Yen like they were going out of fashion. But sadly love did not happen for me in Japan.

Oh well, despite the romantic failures, my trips to Japan were memorable for so many reasons…

Sexy Japanese Gundam Cosplay GirlTo be honest if you want a Japanese girlfriend then you need to live in a place where there are lots of Japanese women. Flying all the way from London to Tokyo for a date was never really going to be a good way of finding a wife.

If you want to live in a place where there are a lot of Japanese women, well of course Japan is the obvious choice here, but the Philippines and Hawaii are also popular with Japanese women who want to improve their English or just go on vacation to a beautiful country.

Even in Japan, it’s not that easy for a non-Japanese guy to find a Japanese wife. Heck, even Japanese men find it hard, and that’s with being fluent in Japanese and understanding Japanese culture.

Japanese ladies in ShibuyaSo after a few dates I gave up and looked at other options. Japanese ladies are great, but I didn’t feel I connected with them that well.

By contrast, I’ve had some tremendous fun with Chinese ladies. Did I mention that the average Chinese woman is better looking than the average Japanese woman? And that China’s vast population means it’s not hard to find a girl that’s a great match for you? Below is a photo of a few Chinese girls I spotted in a Guangzhou metro station. Chinese beauty can easily rival Japanese beauty.

Chinese girls look similar to Japanese girls, but it's much easier to find a hot Chinese girlfriend

Chinese ladies are also on the whole much more confident than Japanese women, and it’s easier to get a relationship moving in a fruitful direction.

So I guess Japanese beauty is to be admired, but if you want an Asian wife or girlfriend then China is where you need to be looking.

Do you like Japanese girls? Have you ever thought of finding a Japanese wife or girlfriend? Feel free to add your story below…

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