Japanese Dating Sites and Success With Japanese Women

Looking for the best Japanese dating site? Try Japan Cupid.

Want success with Japanese women? You’ll need this book – Understanding Japanese Women.

Japanese Dating Sites

If you want to go beyond just looking at photos of Japanese girls, then why not sign up to a Japanese dating site and get chatting?

There are a number of Japanese dating sites. By far the best known is Japan Cupid.

Japan Cupid is the best Japanese dating site around. I was a member of this site for a year, so here are my tips:

  • It takes an extraordinary amount of effort to find a Japanese wife. Even Japanese men find it hard to find a Japanese wife, and a foreigner isn’t going to find it any easier. I also know of many gaijin who never have much success with Japanese women, despite living and working in Japan for several years.
  • If you’re a man then you can forget about any success on this site if you don’t buy a Gold or Platinum subscription. If you’re short of cash, then you can pretty much forget about finding a Japanese wife – it ain’t gonna happen for you. For one thing, Japan is expensive. For another, many Japanese women want to be housewives after marriage, and that means you’ll need some sort of decent salaryman job so you can support her.
  • Japanese women like men to do all the chasing, and if you like a girl then you’re going to have to pull out all the stops to win her over.
  • It’s essential to know about the different types of Japanese women, and why they’re seeking foreign husbands.
  • Japanese women will marry Westerners who are black or another race. Your biggest trump card is if you are American. Japanese women do prefer American men over men from other countries.
  • There are an infuriating number of Japanese women on Japan Cupid who haven’t got a photo uploaded in their profiles. I don’t know if they’re scammers, or just shy. Anyway, be careful of them all the same.
  • Asia is well known as a place where men can get mail order brides who are 20 or 30 years younger than themselves. Be clear in your mind that this happens in Thailand, the Philippines, and maybe China. But it’s generally not possible to find Japanese mail order brides, and they’ll certainly not be interested in marrying much older men. In general you need to look for a Japanese girlfriend who is 2-3 years younger than yourself.
  • Japanese dating moves at a snail’s pace. If you’re an impatient guy then Japanese women might not be for you.
  • You’ll have much more success on Japan Cupid if you speak and read some Japanese.
  • Make sure you know what a Japan Cupid female member is looking for. Many girls on there (particularly the younger girls) are just looking for language study partners. They’re often fun to chat to, but they’re a distraction if you’re marriage minded.
  • Many Japanese women like the idea of finding a Western boyfriend, but they’re not so into the idea of a Western husband. While these women are good to meet if you want some fun, again, they’re a distraction if you’re marriage minded.
  • If you just like Japanese women because of their looks, then you’ll find it’s much easier to find a Chinese wife. I started off looking for a Japanese wife, but I’ve had much more success in China. Stick to Cantonese women and you’ll find that they have mild personalities much like Japanese women do. Shanghai or Hubei women will bite your head off, so be careful!

Other Japanese Dating Sites

Meet Japan Lady is more of an introduction agency than a dating site. There are around 100 female members who have been handpicked as being particularly suitable for marriage to a Western man. A 0% divorce rate can attest to the quality of this agency.

Japanese people are group orientated. If you want to meet Japanese women - join a group!

Japanese people are group orientated. If you want to meet Japanese women – join a group!

I was a member of this agency for a while. I met a few ladies, but I didn’t find Japanese women that easy to understand. While I dearly love Japan, it’s hard to ignore the fact that neighbouring China is awash with some very eligible single Asian women indeed.

The Trans-Pacific Marriage Agency is another option. This has more female members than Meet Japan Lady. I was a member of this agency for a while. However, I didn’t meet any of the female members.

Really Trans-Pacific are quite expensive and you’re probably just as better off using Japan Cupid. Or if you’re living in Japan then just seek out some of the regular International Evenings that take place in cities like Tokyo and Nagoya.

Japanese women are exceedingly group orientated, and you’ll have more success if you join their groups (church groups, fishing groups, maybe even flower arranging groups!).

So if you want to meet some Japanese girls online then Japan Cupid is your best bet. And if you’re serious about finding a Japanese wife, then it’s essential to read Understanding Japanese Women – I kinda wish I had read this book before I travelled thousands of miles to meet some Japanese women in person. So don’t make my mistake!

If you’ve got any questions about Japanese girls or Japanese dating sites, then leave your comments below.

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  1. The Japanese dating scene throws up a few unfamiliar quirks, such as men’s desire to keep attending ‘go-kon’ (blind date) parties with colleagues even after they have a girlfriend — presumably justified as being there to support other single friends. Go-kons usually include three men and three women.

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