More Photos of Cute Japanese Girls

I’ve had another look through the many photos I took in Japan in search of some more cute girls photos. Here are some more of the highlights of my visits to this most misunderstood of countries.

Japan is one of the most interesting countries you could ever dream of visiting. And for most men who visit Japan, Japanese ladies are surely one of the major highlights of a visit to the country.

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Cute Japanese Girls

The Japanese seem to regard “cute” as being the most important trend of all. This trend starts in childhood, extends through teenage years, and often persists till a woman’s mid to late 30’s. It’s partially for this reason that in Japan it’s possible to buy Hello Kitty merchandise for kids, as well as the young at heart. Japanese cute girls aren’t hard to find, especially in the trendy districts of Tokyo’s sprawling metropolis.

I think this girl in Tokyo’s Akihabara electronics district has taken the cute look to extremes…

Cute Japanese cosplay girl with a very cute teddy bear backpackWhile the last image was a good example of over-the-top cute, this is more like the everyday kind of cute clothing that Japanese women love so much. Notice the cute hair bow – naturally it’s pink and matches her jacket:

Cute Japanese girls out shopping

Here’s another example of cute headwear in the form of cute bows and straw boaters (which seemed to be THE fashion accessory of Spring 2010):

Cute Japanese women out and about in Shibuya

Approaching Japanese Girls

What if you don’t want to just oggle Japanese girls and want to take it one stage further? Can you approach Japanese girls in the street and get their phone numbers and maybe more?

Well yes and no!

The great thing is that in all my experience of visiting Japan, even the most formidable looking Japanese women seem to have the most lovely manners and friendly personality (at least in public). So if you approach a Japanese lady then her upbringing should assure you of a warm greeting, if nothing more.

Japanese ladies are friendly and approachable

On the downside, not many Japanese women speak much or any English. And generally speaking, the hotter the girl, the less likely it is that she’ll speak English. Many of the more trendy Japanese schoolgirls would rather spend time shopping in Shibuya’s fashion boutiques than attend English classes!

Many Japanese school girls are more interested in fashion than learning English

While Japanese can be learned, it’s a tough undertaking and requires a lot of dedication. I guess an aspiring Japanese PUA (pick up artist) would only need to learn a few phrases, but it’s still going to require time and dedication. What are the odds that these two hot women speak any English?

Two smokingly hot Japanese women, but what are the odds of them speaking any English?

If you can’t find Japanese women in your local area, you can’t afford to visit Japan or you find the whole picking up women thing quite scary, then online dating is another answer. Sites like Japan Cupid and Japanese Friend Finder allow you to chat to Japanese women online. Even here though it can be hard work to find women who are interested in you. I joined Japan Cupid for a while, and I didn’t get a great deal of interest shown in my profile. I guess I should have done a lot more chasing women. As a hard working guy I just didn’t have the time for that though. Far better to seek out other Asian women instead.

Sign up to a Filipino, Thai or Chinese dating site and you’ll be swamped with interest. What’s more, the women from these countries are often hotter than Japanese women – especially when it comes to the type of woman you could hope to attract.

Chinese girls are also exceptionally cute, plus it's much easier to find a Chinese girlfriendBut if you can afford it, then I can recommend a visit to Japan. Yes it’s expensive, but hotels often have good offers, and if you stick to eating Ramen noodles and other salaryman staples then your money could go further than you think.

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