Korean Cupid and Dating Hot Korean Women

Here’s a look at Korean woman and whether they’re worth considering as wives and girlfriends for Western guys.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Korean women, and some not go good things. If you’ve heard anything yourself then add your comments at the bottom of this page!

I’ll put my hand up now and admit I’ve never been to South Korea. China yes, Japan yes, but not Korea. However, I’ve seen a few Korean women in Asia, and I did for some reason used to live in the part of London that is most popular with Korean migrants.

During my last visit to China I also acquired a taste for Kimchi, that hot pickled vegetable that Korean people can’t seem to get enough of.

Korean Ladies

Korean ladies are often very hot, and some say that they’re the best looking in all of Asia.

On the downside, beautiful Korean women tend to spend a fair amount of cash on fashion and beauty, and plastic surgery is rampant in South Korea.

It’s kind of hard to tell Korean women apart from Japanese or Chinese women. But I’d say that Korean women seem to have longer faces, and fashion-wise they dress in the sexy little dresses and thigh-high stockings so beloved of Japanese women.

Of course if you’re up close to them then you might notice that the language they speak is nothing like either Mandarin Chinese or Japanese.

I guess I first noticed Korean women from getting to know fabulous KPop groups such as Kara and Miss A. These groups are virtually unknown outside Asia. But these Korean girl groups are now massively popular all over Asia, especially in China and Japan.

Another Korean woman I like a lot is Tia Ling. Tia is an adult movie star. Despite the name, she’s not ethnically Chinese, but is actually Korean. Although being Asian-American, she’s actually from the mid-West!

If you’re not totally confused by that then Tia is a great advertisement for what’s great about Asian women! She’s 5′ 1″ tall, which is the height a lot of the petite Asian women on an oriental dating site are. And with common with so many Asian women, she looks a lot younger than her true age!

On the downside, I remember watching one of her movies in which she talks to the camera man about her Korean mom’s wish for her to find a good, traditional Korean man to marry. It’s always worth remembering that most Asian moms will be thinking the same way, and you have to be a little careful about choosing an Asian girlfriend whose family will really be OK with the idea of their precious daughter marrying a foreigner.

Korean Women Dating

So how do you find Korean women? In all honesty the best place to look for Korean women is in South Korea itself. If you’re a Western guy who is interested in Korean women then you shouldn’t find it too hard to find a job teaching English in Korea.

Most men who want to teach English in Asia tend to head for either Japan or China, so Korea is often overlooked.

Western men are rare in Seoul and other Korean cities, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble lining up Korean women who are curious about meeting you. I’ve read a lot of great stories about English teachers having the time of their lives meeting sexy Korean girls while they’ve been working in Korea.

Finding a Korean wife might be more hard work though. Like in Japan, most East Asian women tend to have family pressure to marry a Korean man. And there’s a slight woman shortage in Korea, so the hottest girls have a lot of eligible bachelors to choose from.

If you can’t find a way to go and live in Korea for a while, then online dating is another option.

Sadly Korean girls aren’t particularly numerous on the mail order bride focused websites like Cherry Blossoms or Asian Kisses.

South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China are all great places to find cute Asian girls

South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China are all great places to find cute Asian girls

There is one Korean niche dating site that’s worth a look though – Korean Cupid. Korean Cupid is pretty much the best Korean online dating site around, especially if you’re a Westerner. This site is run by the same company that runs a whole load of other Asian dating sites including Japan Cupid, Chinese Love Links and Filipina Heart.

Korea Cupid is essentially identical to Japan Cupid. I was a member of Japan Cupid for a year. Despite paying for Platinum membership I didn’t have too much success on this site. I since found out that Japanese women really need to be pursued if you’re to have any luck with them, and the same will be true for Korean women.

Personally I didn’t think it was worth the time and expense when hot Chinese girls are so numerous and also so open to the idea of marrying a foreigner. So by all means meet Korean girls but you’ll probably have much more success in China.

So if you want to date Korean women then check out Korean Cupid and see what you can do about spending some time in South Korea.

If you’ve heard anything else about Korean women, or you’ve had any experiences in dating Korean women on KoreanCupid or elsewhere, then add your comments below!

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  1. First of all, Kimchi is from Korea. It is Korean food, not Chinese! If you have tasted it in China, then it is because the Chinese know it tastes great and they make it. It is not Chinese food! Other Asian countries, steal Korea’s culture and make versions of Korean food as their own, but it is not their’s. Kimchi is a Korean food, not Chinese. We, the Koreans invented it. We have been eating Kimchi for over 5,000 years. It is ours, Korea’s. I suggest you go to Korea, learn a little about my country, and eat real, authentic, Kimchi, made by Koreans.

  2. Calm down, calm down. I didn’t say that Kimchi is a Chinese food.

    Go in any Asian fusion restaurant in Shanghai, and Kimchi will usually be on the menu.

  3. I have a question?Im currently teaching ESL here in south america(Peru to be more exact!)and I am seriously thinking about doing some kind of ESL teaching in asia(I think South Korea would be my first choice!)now I would be going primarily to make money and nothing more!I thought that Korean women do not like american men and what would a korean woman and an american man have in common the cultures would be so vastely different that more than likely a relationship between the two probably wouldnt last very long at all?It’s better for an american man to be with an american woman in my opinion because of cultural similarities.Im surely if I were to go to South Korea I would probably not have much luck with Korean women due to the fact that Im american.

    • If you want money, go to Japan. If you want an Asian wife, go to China.

      American men are worshipped throughout Asia, so don’t worry about that.

      After living overseas why would you want an American wife? Lol.

  4. thanks for your explain Mr.Brett. i was planing to find a Korean woman in dating site, But after read your article i consider about Chinese ladies dating site.

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