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Why wouldn't you want an Asian girlfriend?

7 Reasons Why I Only Want Asian Women For Marriage

I’ve been dating Asian women for over three years now. Most of my Western women friends think that’s a bit weird. Other guys sort of get it, especially if they prefer younger women. But away from the fact that it’s not hard to find a much younger bride from Asia, what is it about Asian […]

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Asian men are very family orientated, and children are hugely important in Asian culture

40 Dating – Time for an Asian Partner?

Hi, I’m Brett and the other day I turned 40. This is a young person’s world, and many people think your dating chances are over at 40. Well that’s a load of crap! It’s been my experience that dating gets better and easier once you hit your 40’s. And for a man things are especially […]

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Love smart and sophisticated Asian women? Chat to them online using any of the LoveLinks group of lonely hearts sites!

LoveLinks Online

Looking for love online? Cupid Media own a number of dating sites under the LoveLinks brand. The three LoveLinks dating sites are: Chinese LoveLinks Singapore LoveLinks Thai LoveLinks So what are the sites like, and who can benefit from these sites? Here’s more information about the LoveLinks group of dating sites. All the LoveLinks dating […]

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Hong Kong is one of Asia's great cities, and it has a thriving singles dating scene

HK Cupid – Meet Hong Kong Singles Online

HK Cupid is a popular dating site for Hong Kong residents seeking partners online. The site is also known as Hong Kong Cupid. HK Cupid is managed by Cupid Media. This is a legitimate Australian based company. They run a lot of popular dating sites, including many of the hottest Asian dating websites. Other sites […]

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I've been to China several times, and I can confirm that Chinese ladies are astoundingly hot!

Asian Brides – Find Love in Asia

A lot of American men dream of seeking an Asian wife. An Asian bride can be a loving and loyal companion. Thankfully the world wide web makes it easier than ever before you find your perfect Oriental bride on-line. If you’re interested in finding an Asian wife then the first question you need to answer […]

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Two very attractive Chinese girls

What Dating Sites are Popular in China?

China has its own versions of popular dating sites. Many of these sites are quite difficult to use if you can’t read or write Chinese characters. One China dating site worth checking out is QQ Personals. QQ is a popular chat application used by millions of Chinese people. QQ was already a good place to […]

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Visit China and you'll be stunned at how many beautiful women there are

What Are Chinese Women from Changsha or Hunan Like?

Western men looking for Chinese brides often end up visiting ladies in Hunan Province of Central China. In particular, many men end up visiting the Hunan Province city of Changsha. Partly this is due to the Changsha Love Bridge Company being based there. This is one of the largest and most active marriage agencies in […]

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Two beautiful Asian girls

Are Chinese Women Better than Thai Women?

Think of mail order brides and most people will think of Russia or Thailand. Thai brides are still pretty much the most popular Asian brides for foreign men. But on Asian dating sites such as Cherry Blossoms there are probably as many Chinese ladies as there are Thai women. So in general, and this is […]

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Visit China and you'll be stunned at how many beautiful women there are

Are Chinese Ladies Really Different to Western Ladies?

So I’ve been hard at work looking at ladies on Chinese Cupid. I’m visiting China soon, and want some prospective wives to visit. When you first sign up to a Chinese mail order brides type of website, you’ll be amazed at the quality of women. But are they really superior to the ladies back home? […]

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Smart and sophisticated Chinese women are easy to find on the LoveLinks websites

3 Choices for Selecting an Oriental Girlfriend

If you want to find an Oriental bride then there are many options open to you. There are enormous amounts of Asian women seeking American husbands, and you’ll have plenty of ladies to chat to online. A big choice to make is which Asian nation to look for an Asian companion. The first choice is […]

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