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Japanese women - very lovely but it's not always easy to find a Japanese wife of your own

How YOU Can Find the Japanese Wife of Your Dreams

Japanese ladies have a reputation for being cute as well as making loving and devoted wives. So how can a non-Japanese guy go about finding a Japanese wife? I spent a year or two looking for a Japanese wife of my own. Eventually I gave up, but here’s what I found out about the whole […]

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It's easy to find Thai women to chat to online, but finding a Thai bride is often a long and frustrating experience

All You Need to Know About Thai Brides

Thai brides are still very popular as Asian brides for Western men. For men contemplating second time around dating, or men bored with Western women and their problems, finding a wife from Thailand is an enticing prospect. So what’s involved with finding a Thai bride? How do you get started, and how much will it […]

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More well dressed Japanese women

Which is the Best Asian Dating Site?

I’ve spent a couple of years now searching for an Asian wife of my own. Since I’m living in England, and most Asian ladies I want to meet are living in Asia, I have to use Asian dating websites in order to look for women to chat to. So I guess I’m well qualified to […]

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Asian countries are awash with beautiful ladies YOU could be dating

All The Single Ladies… Why Exactly Are There So Many Hot Asian Single Ladies?

One question I get asked quite a lot is why there are so many hot Asian single ladies on dating sites. Why aren’t they married? What’s their story? Here are a few reasons for the glut of single Asian women. My thoughts are based on what I’ve heard from the single Asian ladies I’ve dated […]

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Worried about going to Asia on your own? Singles tours offer a helping hand in your search for an exotic oriental bride

Singles Tours of Asia

Looking for an Asian wife? Here’s how you can meet Asian women on singles tours of Asia. Types of Asian Singles Tours OK, let’s be honest here. The majority of Asian singles tours are aimed at Western men seeking Asian brides. That’s where the demand is, and that’s where the money is. So if you’re […]

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It's not too hard to find Asian women who are interested in meeting you, but if you want to date the hottest Asian women then you'll need to put in more effort

How to Attract Asian Women

Fed up with fat and ugly American women? There is a land of opportunity – but it’s in Asia, not the USA! I don’t know if grouping Asian women in one big basket is the right thing to do. How to attract Asian women depends a lot of what type of Asian woman you want […]

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Japanese girl hitching down her skirt

Writing Your Perfect Asian Dating Site Profile

The average Asian dating site aimed at Western men seeking mail order brides has more women than men. For example, Cupid Media claim Filipino Cupid has 1.5 million members, with two women for every man. So let’s be honest here, you don’t need to do too much work on your profile. In fact, when I […]

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McDonalds is a perfectly good place to meet an Asian lady for the first time

What It’s Like to Meet Asian Women in Asia

There are plenty of Asian dating websites where you can chat to Asian women online. Some offer email or chat facilities. You can also go one stage further and chat to women on webcam. Skype or MSN are quite common in Asia these days, and Chinese women also have the QQ webcam software. You can […]

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