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Two very attractive Chinese girls

What Dating Sites are Popular in China?

China has its own versions of popular dating sites. Many of these sites are quite difficult to use if you can’t read or write Chinese characters. One China dating site worth checking out is QQ Personals. QQ is a popular chat application used by millions of Chinese people. QQ was already a good place to […]

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Southern China, Thailand and the Philippines are all great places for seeking petite Asian girls

What is a Sensible Age Range for an Asian Wife?

If you sign up to an Asian dating site then you’ll probably get contacted by women of all ages. Personally I’ve had emails from 19 year old girls and 60 year old women. Personally I’m a bit fed up with the random emails from women way out of my age range, especially the would be […]

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If you look after your body and know how to charm young women, then China is the perfect place to date the hottest Asian women imaginable!

Asian Girls FAQ (Part 4)

Here are some more answers to common questions people have about Asian girls. I’m a Western guy who has visited China four times, Japan four times and Hong Kong once. I’ve dated quite a number of Chinese and Japanese women. These answers are based on what I know about Asia and what the Asian women […]

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More well dressed Japanese women

Which is the Best Asian Dating Site?

I’ve spent a couple of years now searching for an Asian wife of my own. Since I’m living in England, and most Asian ladies I want to meet are living in Asia, I have to use Asian dating websites in order to look for women to chat to. So I guess I’m well qualified to […]

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Asian countries are awash with beautiful ladies YOU could be dating

All The Single Ladies… Why Exactly Are There So Many Hot Asian Single Ladies?

One question I get asked quite a lot is why there are so many hot Asian single ladies on dating sites. Why aren’t they married? What’s their story? Here are a few reasons for the glut of single Asian women. My thoughts are based on what I’ve heard from the single Asian ladies I’ve dated […]

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Worried about visiting Asian ladies by yourself? A romance tour can be an easier way of meeting Asian ladies for the first time...

Is China Safe to Visit?

Is China Safe To Visit? Is China safe to visit? In general I’d say that China is safer than the USA, but maybe not as safe as Japan. I’ve visited China three times, and Hong Kong once. I’ve not had any particular problems with safety on any of my visits. It is important to be […]

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Chinese people use dogs for security or as pets, but rarely as food

Which Asian Cultures Eat Dogs?

There are lots of urban myths surrounding Asian people and their supposed love of eating dogs. So what are the facts? Dog eating is most popular in Korea. Visit South Korea and you’ll see plenty of restaurants serving dog on the menu. Not all Koreans eat dogs, just as not all Japanese eat Whale meat. […]

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Which Asians Are The Smartest?

Which Asians are the smartest? Intelligent men and women are to be found throughout Asia. But as a general rule there are plenty of smart people in Japan and South Korea. This is due to the fact that these countries have very good education standards and the countries are a lot more wealthy than their […]

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qJapanese women are smart and sophisticated, although it's not that easy to find a Japanese wife

Which Asian Country Has The Best Looking Women?

So which Asian country has the best looking women? I guess this is subjective and every man will give a different answer. But here’s what I think. Don’t agree with me? Think I’ve got it completely wrong? Leave your comments at the bottom of this page! Winner – Vietnam I’m seeing increasing numbers of Vietnamese […]

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Hit Shinjuku's bars and clubs and you're sure to find Japanese girls who are interested in chatting to you

Japanese Women FAQ (Part 1)

OK, here are some answers to common questions people have about Japanese women. Japanese women are lovely, and they’re also an enigma. If you want a Japanese wife then it will cost you a lot of time and money. More than this, you’ll need to get to understand Japanese culture, and how to woo a […]

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