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Japanese people are group orientated. If you want to meet Japanese women - join a group!

Japanese Dating Sites and Success With Japanese Women

Looking for the best Japanese dating site? Try Japan Cupid. Want success with Japanese women? You’ll need this book – Understanding Japanese Women. Japanese Dating Sites If you want to go beyond just looking at photos of Japanese girls, then why not sign up to a Japanese dating site and get chatting? There are a […]

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Asian men are very family orientated, and children are hugely important in Asian culture

40 Dating – Time for an Asian Partner?

Hi, I’m Brett and the other day I turned 40. This is a young person’s world, and many people think your dating chances are over at 40. Well that’s a load of crap! It’s been my experience that dating gets better and easier once you hit your 40’s. And for a man things are especially […]

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I've been to China several times, and I can confirm that Chinese ladies are astoundingly hot!

Asian Brides – Find Love in Asia

A lot of American men dream of seeking an Asian wife. An Asian bride can be a loving and loyal companion. Thankfully the world wide web makes it easier than ever before you find your perfect Oriental bride on-line. If you’re interested in finding an Asian wife then the first question you need to answer […]

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Asia - exotic travel destination, and also a great place to find a wife!

Japanese Beauties

Here’s another installment of Japanese beauties photos. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world, but I don’t think I’ve been anywhere that’s had so many beautiful ladies as Japan. Actually China’s also great for Asian Beauties, but Japanese girls often win out on account of the outrageous street fashions you can see in Tokyo […]

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Chinese fashion models from trendy Shanghai

Korean Cupid and Dating Hot Korean Women

Here’s a look at Korean woman and whether they’re worth considering as wives and girlfriends for Western guys. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Korean women, and some not go good things. If you’ve heard anything yourself then add your comments at the bottom of this page! I’ll put my hand up now […]

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Visit China and you'll be stunned at how many beautiful women there are

More Oriental Beauties to Admire and Worship

Here are some more photos of some oriental beauties. Is the term oriental still socially acceptable, or is it better to describe these hot women as Asian beauties? Who knows. All I know is that if you want to see for yourself some of the hottest women in the world then you need to book […]

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You fall in love, you lose...

Photos of Incredibly Cute Asian Maids

I’m fortunate enough to have travelled to Japan on a number of occasions. People often ask me what the best thing about Japan is. Is it the bullet trains? The fresh sushi? The Cherry Blossoms in the Spring? No of course not – it’s not any for these! For me the best memory I have […]

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Are Latin women hot enough to put men off seeking an Asian bride?

Is Looking for Asian Women Worthwhile?

So I’ve spent the best part of three years looking for Asian women to date. Has this been time well spent, or have I wasted my life Should men bother pursuing Asian women, or is looking for women just a big waste of time and money? Looking for Asian Women is 100% Worthwhile I guess […]

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Chinese girls look similar to Japanese girls, but it's much easier to find a hot Chinese girlfriend

My Favorite Ways of How to Meet Asian Women

Are you interested in meeting Asian women? Here are three of my preferred ways of meeting Asian ladies, whether you’re interested in short term relationships or something longer term. Meeting Ladies in Asia Obviously it’s not too hard to meet ladies in Asia. Western men are pretty rare in most Asian countries, so you’ll be […]

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Asian lady wearing a beautiful Snow White costume

Sexy Japanese Girls Sightings

Here are some photos of just a few of the many sexy Japanese girls I saw while on vacation in Japan. If only women in my own town were as hot as this! Nowhere else in Asia does sexy quite like Japan does. I guess a lot of sex goes on in countries like Thailand, […]

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