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Ladyboys are quite a common sight in Asia - it's nice they can live and work openly there. Here's a Japanese ladyboy in a rather wonderful Cosplay outfit....

Asian Ladyboy Girlfriends

Welcome to the Asian Dating HQ! Although most men seeking love in Asia are interested in Asian women, it’s worth remembering that there’s another option – Asian ladyboys. First, here’s some ladyboy facts… It’s reckoned that around 1% of the population of Thailand are transgender. So I make that around 695,000 transgender persons in this […]

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Asian men are very family orientated, and children are hugely important in Asian culture

40 Dating – Time for an Asian Partner?

Hi, I’m Brett and the other day I turned 40. This is a young person’s world, and many people think your dating chances are over at 40. Well that’s a load of crap! It’s been my experience that dating gets better and easier once you hit your 40’s. And for a man things are especially […]

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Beware of Expensive Russian Dating Sites

So I’ve taken time out to take a look at some Russian dating sites. There are plenty of dating sites where you can find Russian mail order brides online. In fact I’d guestimate there are more Russian mail order bride type dating sites than there are Asian mail order bride sites. There are a few […]

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Latin America is packed full of very beautiful women

Finding Love in the Caribbean

The Caribbean has a reputation as being a great place for a vacation. But did you know that increasing numbers of men and women are also finding love in the region? To cater for the increased interest in Caribbean dating, there’s a dating site aimed specifically at the region. It’s called Caribbean Cupid. The great […]

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Southern China, Thailand and the Philippines are all great places for seeking petite Asian girls

What is a Sensible Age Range for an Asian Wife?

If you sign up to an Asian dating site then you’ll probably get contacted by women of all ages. Personally I’ve had emails from 19 year old girls and 60 year old women. Personally I’m a bit fed up with the random emails from women way out of my age range, especially the would be […]

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Russian women can do the sun parasol look just as well as any Asian girl can

Do I Need a Russian Mail Order Bride?

I’ve been looking for an Asian wife for a while now. Unlike most men who just consider the idea, I took the Massive Action required: I signed up for a full membership of a dating site (Chinese Love Links if you must know). I chatted to a few Chinese women. Man, are there some wackos […]

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Find Your Asian Bride for Free!

Strapped for cash? On a tight budget? Here are three ways of finding an Asian bride for free, or on the cheap. Cheap Asian Dating Sites Asian dating websites are plentiful online. Mostly they allow you to sign up for free. However, if you want to contact a lady through the site then you’ll have […]

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Foreign ladies uses heavily photoshopped photos. This Chinese lady is 36, but you'd think she was more like 27...

The ForeignLadies Dating Site – Meet Foreign Women Online

This is an article about ForeignLadies.com. If you’re looking for a foreign mail order bride then you’ll no doubt come across this site. It’s popular and it seems to have been hanging around on the Internet forever. The site is US owned, and the operators have a large number of other sites that are run […]

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Asia is full of hot single women, but to date them you'll have to put in a fair bit of time and effort

Single Asians – Are They Worth Dating?

Are you a man with a soft spot for Asian ladies? Are you currently separated, divorced or single? Then I’ll let you into a secret! There are huge numbers of single Asians online. And most of them are female! So rather than just admire online photos of Asian women, you can easily take it a […]

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Want a foreign wife? Is Russia the best place to find her, or are Asian women the best women on the planet?

Russian Wives – Better Than Asian Wives?

This is a website about Asian women. But there’s a whole world out there for the man seeking an exotic foreign bride. So I guess we need to consider whether Russian wives are any good, or whether Asia is the best place on the planet for finding a loving and devoted foreign wife. Men seeking […]

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