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Asian men are very family orientated, and children are hugely important in Asian culture

40 Dating – Time for an Asian Partner?

Hi, I’m Brett and the other day I turned 40. This is a young person’s world, and many people think your dating chances are over at 40. Well that’s a load of crap! It’s been my experience that dating gets better and easier once you hit your 40’s. And for a man things are especially […]

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Hong Kong is one of Asia's great cities, and it has a thriving singles dating scene

How and Where to Find Chinese Ladyboys

I know plenty of guys are interested in ladyboys. So what if you want to meet Chinese ladyboys? Do they exist, and where is a good place to meet them? The first stop for ladyboys if you’re interested in meeting them in real life is Ladyboy Kisses. Ladyboy Kisses is arguably the best ladyboy dating […]

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Foreign ladies uses heavily photoshopped photos. This Chinese lady is 36, but you'd think she was more like 27...

The ForeignLadies Dating Site – Meet Foreign Women Online

This is an article about ForeignLadies.com. If you’re looking for a foreign mail order bride then you’ll no doubt come across this site. It’s popular and it seems to have been hanging around on the Internet forever. The site is US owned, and the operators have a large number of other sites that are run […]

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Many men also love Filipinas for their petite and curvy figures

Asian Filipina Dating

Despite the increasing numbers of Chinese and Vietnamese women on Asian mail order bride themed websites, Philippines women remain firm favorites with Western men seeking Asian brides. So why do so many men date Filipinas, and if you want to find a Filipino wife of your own, where do you get started? Why Date Filipinas? […]

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Asia is full of hot single women, but to date them you'll have to put in a fair bit of time and effort

Single Asians – Are They Worth Dating?

Are you a man with a soft spot for Asian ladies? Are you currently separated, divorced or single? Then I’ll let you into a secret! There are huge numbers of single Asians online. And most of them are female! So rather than just admire online photos of Asian women, you can easily take it a […]

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Visit China and you'll be stunned at how many beautiful women there are

More Oriental Beauties to Admire and Worship

Here are some more photos of some oriental beauties. Is the term oriental still socially acceptable, or is it better to describe these hot women as Asian beauties? Who knows. All I know is that if you want to see for yourself some of the hottest women in the world then you need to book […]

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Asian women are for the most part well dressed and make loving and attentive wives

The Incredible Popularity of Asian Brides

Hi, I’m Brett and in this article I want to blow the lid off some myths surrounding the whole “mail order Asian brides” thing. When I told my family I was looking for an Asian wife, I guess they were suspicious about the whole idea. No scrub that – there wasn’t any guessing – I […]

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Asian Kisses has plenty of cute Chinese girls on it, although Chinese women are far more numerous on sites like China Love Match or Chinese Love Links

Asian Kisses – Meet Lovely Asian Girls Online

Asian Kisses is another good Asian dating website where you can find Asian girls who are interested in chatting to Western men. The girls on Asian Kisses are from a wide range of countries, so it’s a good dating site to use if you’re not completely decided on which country has the best Asian ladies […]

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Asian countries are awash with beautiful ladies YOU could be dating

Filipino Kisses – Filipina Online Dating

If you’re interested in chatting to Filipinas online then Filipino Kisses is one of the better Filipina contacts sites around. Filipino Kisses is a great place to look for a Filipina wife or girlfriend. So is Filipino Kisses the best Filipina dating site there is, or are there better alternatives? Filipino Kisses works like a […]

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Where are Asia's top women? Japanese women can certainly put in a strong showing...

The Top Asian Girls For Men Seeking Asian Brides

Asian brides have never been so popular and there are dozens of websites where you can meet Asian girls for dating. So which are the top Asian girls, and which ones make the best wives or girlfriends? Really it depends on what you’re looking for in a relationship and in a potential partner. Below is […]

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