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Malaysian women are known for their exotic good looks

Malaysian Cupid

Malaysian Cupid is another site operated by Australian based Cupid Media. This site seems to be one of their more recent sites. I guess they’re trying to corner the global dating market in as many countries as they can. Malaysian Cupid looks and feels like pretty much all their other stable of dating sites. These […]

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Russian women can do the sun parasol look just as well as any Asian girl can

Do I Need a Russian Mail Order Bride?

I’ve been looking for an Asian wife for a while now. Unlike most men who just consider the idea, I took the Massive Action required: I signed up for a full membership of a dating site (Chinese Love Links if you must know). I chatted to a few Chinese women. Man, are there some wackos […]

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Find Your Asian Bride for Free!

Strapped for cash? On a tight budget? Here are three ways of finding an Asian bride for free, or on the cheap. Cheap Asian Dating Sites Asian dating websites are plentiful online. Mostly they allow you to sign up for free. However, if you want to contact a lady through the site then you’ll have […]

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Many men also love Filipinas for their petite and curvy figures

Asian Filipina Dating

Despite the increasing numbers of Chinese and Vietnamese women on Asian mail order bride themed websites, Philippines women remain firm favorites with Western men seeking Asian brides. So why do so many men date Filipinas, and if you want to find a Filipino wife of your own, where do you get started? Why Date Filipinas? […]

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It's easy to find Thai women to chat to online, but finding a Thai bride is often a long and frustrating experience

How to Meet Thai Women Online

Here’s a quick recap for guys who are interesting in meeting Thai women online. Follow these tips to save both time and money in your search for a Thai bride. In no time at all you’ll then be able to meet Thai women who will make loving and devoted Asian brides. Online Dating or Matchmaking […]

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Are Latin women hot enough to put men off seeking an Asian bride?

Chinese Kisses – Meet Chinese Single Girls Online

Here’s a little bit of information about Chinese Kisses. Chinese Kisses is one of the better Chinese dating sites around. Better in that it does have real ladies on it, and the site’s not gonna rip you off like some of the others. Now I’ll say straight up that I’m not a full member of […]

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If you look after your body and know how to charm young women, then China is the perfect place to date the hottest Asian women imaginable!

Asian Girls FAQ (Part 4)

Here are some more answers to common questions people have about Asian girls. I’m a Western guy who has visited China four times, Japan four times and Hong Kong once. I’ve dated quite a number of Chinese and Japanese women. These answers are based on what I know about Asia and what the Asian women […]

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Chinese girls look similar to Japanese girls, but it's much easier to find a hot Chinese girlfriend

My Favorite Ways of How to Meet Asian Women

Are you interested in meeting Asian women? Here are three of my preferred ways of meeting Asian ladies, whether you’re interested in short term relationships or something longer term. Meeting Ladies in Asia Obviously it’s not too hard to meet ladies in Asia. Western men are pretty rare in most Asian countries, so you’ll be […]

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Could you really find ultra cute Asian babes to chat to on a completely free dating site?

Farewell My Japanese Cupid!

So today I got the email telling me that my Japanese Cupid membership had expired, and did I want to renew for another 12 months? I guess this is a good time to pause and reflect on my experiences on Japanese Cupid. And what a 12 months it has been! I finally did manage to […]

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It's easy to find Thai women to chat to online, but finding a Thai bride is often a long and frustrating experience

All You Need to Know About Thai Brides

Thai brides are still very popular as Asian brides for Western men. For men contemplating second time around dating, or men bored with Western women and their problems, finding a wife from Thailand is an enticing prospect. So what’s involved with finding a Thai bride? How do you get started, and how much will it […]

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