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Why wouldn't you want an Asian girlfriend?

7 Reasons Why I Only Want Asian Women For Marriage

I’ve been dating Asian women for over three years now. Most of my Western women friends think that’s a bit weird. Other guys sort of get it, especially if they prefer younger women. But away from the fact that it’s not hard to find a much younger bride from Asia, what is it about Asian […]

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I've been to China several times, and I can confirm that Chinese ladies are astoundingly hot!

Asian Brides – Find Love in Asia

A lot of American men dream of seeking an Asian wife. An Asian bride can be a loving and loyal companion. Thankfully the world wide web makes it easier than ever before you find your perfect Oriental bride on-line. If you’re interested in finding an Asian wife then the first question you need to answer […]

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Visit China and you'll be stunned at how many beautiful women there are

More Oriental Beauties to Admire and Worship

Here are some more photos of some oriental beauties. Is the term oriental still socially acceptable, or is it better to describe these hot women as Asian beauties? Who knows. All I know is that if you want to see for yourself some of the hottest women in the world then you need to book […]

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Two beautiful Asian girls

Who Are The Sexiest Asian Women Imaginable?

There’s a whole world of opportunity out there if you’re a single, unattached guy. Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of single Asian women who would love to date you? No matter your age, no matter what you look like or what country you’re from, it’s not too hard to […]

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Asian Kisses has plenty of cute Chinese girls on it, although Chinese women are far more numerous on sites like China Love Match or Chinese Love Links

Asian Kisses – Meet Lovely Asian Girls Online

Asian Kisses is another good Asian dating website where you can find Asian girls who are interested in chatting to Western men. The girls on Asian Kisses are from a wide range of countries, so it’s a good dating site to use if you’re not completely decided on which country has the best Asian ladies […]

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Are Latin women hot enough to put men off seeking an Asian bride?

Is Looking for Asian Women Worthwhile?

So I’ve spent the best part of three years looking for Asian women to date. Has this been time well spent, or have I wasted my life Should men bother pursuing Asian women, or is looking for women just a big waste of time and money? Looking for Asian Women is 100% Worthwhile I guess […]

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Both China and Vietnam are great places for Western guys to meet beautiful and feminine women

Saigon Darlings – Date Vietnamese Beauties

Saigon Darlings is a Vietnamese dating site that’s worth a look if your main interest is in Asian girls from Vietnam. So here’s a quick look at Saigon Darlings, and what it offers guys seeking Vietnamese women for marriage. First of all this is a site aimed squarely at the mail order brides scene, so […]

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Where are Asia's top women? Japanese women can certainly put in a strong showing...

The Top Asian Girls For Men Seeking Asian Brides

Asian brides have never been so popular and there are dozens of websites where you can meet Asian girls for dating. So which are the top Asian girls, and which ones make the best wives or girlfriends? Really it depends on what you’re looking for in a relationship and in a potential partner. Below is […]

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It's easy to find Thai women to chat to online, but finding a Thai bride is often a long and frustrating experience

All You Need to Know About Thai Brides

Thai brides are still very popular as Asian brides for Western men. For men contemplating second time around dating, or men bored with Western women and their problems, finding a wife from Thailand is an enticing prospect. So what’s involved with finding a Thai bride? How do you get started, and how much will it […]

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Cantonese girls are especially numerous in Guangzhou (formerly Canton)

Cantonese Girls – The Best Chinese Girls in China?

China’s vast population means that if you want a Chinese wife or girlfriend, then the choice can often be bewildering. So it pays to shortlist girls! But when it comes to shortlisting, which Chinese girls are best? There are obviously many criteria for shortlisting potential partners. But too many Western men base their decisions on […]

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